Thursday, 31 May 2012


Just bought a Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 and was wondering how this can help me blog more often, I'm using bloggerdroid app. Hope this works.

P/S: how do I post picture in this post?
P/S: Looking for a nice casing, any recommendation?

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Sunday, 6 May 2012

Yay or Nay?

All colors from Elianto
Was testing new nail polish so I painted each toe nail a different color, but I die-die wanted to wear my peep-toes to work one day so the oddly colored toes stuck out like a sore thumb. What do you guys think, is this a Yay or a Nay?

Gone MIA

Hi guys, I know I have gone MIA again for the past 2 months. I was taking extra night classes on IT for March and now I'm taking a Creative Writing course for another 3 months, the course will be completed on the end of June. I enjoyed every second of the creative writing course since that is something that interests me very much. However it usually left me too exhausted to function for the rest of the night. For 3 times a week I would drag myself home on 9.30pm which is already way past my bed time. Not to mention the piles of assignments that I have to rush through, the aftermath: Mentally, physically and emotionally drained. In fact, I'm having an exam this coming Sunday and I definitely needed to study now. I hope when this all ends I can get back to doing a proper post.

Perhaps I should get one of those Tablet thingies, maybe that would allow me to blog on the go whenever I have some free time. I could even do my assignments on it. I'm eying the Acer Iconia A200, it's said to be the most affordable Tablet PC in the market right now with all the functions except rear camera and HDMI plug, I don't need the camera anyway and have no effing idea what the HDMI plug is for, so it seems good enough for me. I'm not an Apple Fangirl and I don't own a single piece of Apple products, Android is more my thing, so its either Acer or Samsung. I'll keep this in consideration for the time being, but first thing first, I should get down to business and rock this examination. Wish me luck.