Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Dinner at Mosaic, Hyatt

After many months wanting to try out the food at Mosaic, we've finally met the day where parking lots are aplenty right in front of the premise. (Do you have any idea what a bitch it is to find a parking space in that area? especially with Shenanigan in the same building)

We were banging elbows and shifting plates trying to fit everyone's food in there. The tables are wee too small for 4 people to be seated comfortably, methinks. Food is acceptable, ambiance is nice, price is on the high side, since it's a tourist oriented spot. You may not want to bother with drinks since it's pretty expensive in my honest opinion, most of the drinks are around RM15 per glass, you be the judge. Fortunately water is provided by the establishment. Not being the cheapskate here but pricing needs to be reasonable, right?

Complimentary bread platter
Wagyu Beef Burger
Burger patty made of ground-up Wagyu beef was delicious, love the fries that comes with it. 

Margarita Pizza
I've taste better pizza at cheaper prize, was okay, nothing extraordinary about it. 
Tender and flavorful, love the vegetables accompaniment, especially the cherry tomatoes. The sauce is very nice too. 


Sunday, 27 January 2013

How I ate Instant Noodles

My friends knew I'm fond of instant noodles. I know it's not good to eat instant noodles all the time but when there is nothing to eat in the house, one have no choice but cook one of these. Brilliant invention by Momofuku Ando, founder of Nissin in 1958.

 Although my resolution this year is eating less junk, I intend to stick to it. Instant noodles is something I'm going to cut down on, other junks like processed food, soft drinks, fast food and snacks too. However this resolution is more difficult to keep than I imagined. I do try to add some nutritional value to my instant noodles.

This bowl of noodle is the ultimate blend of East meets West. Western Omelette and Cheese, Japanese Instant Noodles from Nissin and Korean Kelp. My sister made this for me on her day off, usually I would just throw the egg in while the noodles are cooking to make a poached egg.

The egg is a source of protein, the cheese has calcium, kelp is a good source of dietary fiber, there are also bits of carrots and mushroom in the kelp mix. Not sure if it helps, I hope the additional ingredients help make the instant noodles a little healthier.


The Young Victoria

Like any blogger, I check my blog statistics once in a while, what surprises me is the number of people finding my blog through the keywords: The Young Victoria. I've written a review on the movie previously, click here to view it, and it is the highest viewed posts and most frequently searched keyword in this blog. Although I am not quite sure how people get to my blog by typing those keywords, I've tried myself using Google Search and Google Image, but my blog is not exactly listed at the top. If you found yourself at my blog through the above keyword, do help me fulfill my curiosity by leaving a comment below to enlighten me on how you get here. Thanks. 

In order to cater to the high number of visitors searching for this movie at my blog, I'm going to post more photo's of Victoria's lovely gowns here. I would raid her closet if I could, I believe most of you would agree too. One of the main reasons why I love watching period films is to admire the beautiful clothes the aristocrats wore, so sumptuous, so glamorous, I could just....swoon. The details are so intricate  the material so luxurious, the hair, accessories, jewelry and every bits and pieces making up the outfit are just too lovely  for words.

Working in the costume department in a period film production is one of my dreams, working in a museum cataloging antiquities is another. History is always a fascination of mine. Other than romantic period films, I do love movies involving archaeology or Egyptology, never mind if the movies are not absolutely accurate.   
Even the undergarment...so pretty
"The untold luxury of being able to breath again. "
The idea of having an Abigail to help one dress up is also fascinating, the clothes are too complicated and detailed for a lady to put on by herself. If corsets are involved as a part of dressing up, it can be even more exciting. 

"Can't I be my own mistress for a while, haven't I earned it?"
This form of gallantry is nearly extinct

"For pity's sake, smile, woman. Anyone would think we had quarreled"

"Don't talk to me. "

Fortunately those are not the last words she said to him. I do hope you would like a new post I've put together for this movie. 


Monday, 21 January 2013

L'Atelier again

Actually this is the 3rd time I've dine there. The 2nd time I timed it perfectly at lunch time, the lights are great, I bought my camera but... left the battery charging back home. Grrr...

Oh well, went for dinner again, fortunately the pictures turn out better than last time. 
It would be better if I had some sunlight, but I'm not gonna complain about it. 

Complimentary garlic bread

Steak Au Poivre 

Pork Chops with Red Cabbage sauce

Fish with white sauce

Duck with Orange Sauce

Creme Caramel 


Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Nasi Lemak

Have I told you I love Nasi Lemak. I like the type that is wrapped in banana leaf and was sold for RM1.50 to RM2 better. 

My breakfast yesterday:

Not the best Nasi Lemak I've tasted, the anchovies are really salty, like salted fish and the egg is only a tiny sliver, I think they divided the egg by 10 parts. That stingy huh. 

My favorite Nasi Lemak is none other that the one from Bits and Bites, Wisma Merdeka. I haven't got the chance to eat their Nasi Lemak for a long time, I really missed it. The rice so fragrant with coconut milk, the sambal, flavorful but not too spicy, the anchovies are savory sweet, even the fried peanuts left its fragrance in your mouth long after you took your last bite. Oh yes, and they never ever scrimp on the half boiled egg, don't you think the egg is an important part in a Nasi Lemak? I do, in fact, that's my favoritest part while eating Nasi Lemak. 

 I'm craving for it now, but they sold out very early. They used to open on Sundays, but not anymore, which make eating their Nasi Lemak even more difficult. Anyone who knew Bits and Bites sure would not need me to recommend the awesome chicken pie or chicken puffs, the cupcakes and kuih batik are also delicious.