Monday, 31 October 2011


Was busy with assignments these few days, I hope to get them done earlier before the due date. In case you're wondering, I work a full time job from Monday- Saturday and was also doing my degree in Business Administration part time. I only need to attend lecture sessions twice per semester and the rest of the time I work on my assignments and prep for examinations. Currently I'm in my 6th semester, another 3 to go. If everything goes smoothly, I would finish my degree by end of 2012, fingers crossed. So far everything is working out fine for me; I'm not the sort who likes to sit in class a whole day, it's really boring and depressing. Therefore, this self-studying method suits me very well and I can easily tailor my time accordingly.

Don't worry, the increased work load will not affect my updates. I had my job, studies and blogging all well in hand. Do come back occasionally to check out the new posts, heh.

I also hoped to tackle some personal projects that I have put off because I'm too busy previously. Ahem *cough-lazy-cough* Maybe-lah, maybe.
Random shots

Soto at Sin Fatt Hing

You could get soto from Sin Fatt Hing as well as the usual Tuaran Mee, this is rather good. The taste is nice and appetizing but not too overpowering with pepper. Be sure to add lots of lime for the extra oomph. Do you know you can request for fish or chicken on top of your Tuaran Mee other than Char Siew and egg rolls? I just found out that day while having breakfast there. I like fish, maybe I would try mine with fish next time.

Saturday, 29 October 2011

Hi Seoul!

Went to lunch at Hi Seoul again. This is the awesome beef bulgogi I told you guys in the previous post. Its my absolute favorite dish here, it smells so good, the beef slices were stir fried with garlic which makes them so fragrant. I went back to the office sporting eau de garlic, probably stinking everyone to perdition, bwahahahaha, I'm evil and I don't care. This dish is a must try if you like beef and garlic, taste it first and thank me later.
 You can't see the beef, but I assure you they are there under the covers of veggies.

Braised pork 

It's Caturday #2

Busy day, I'm just gonna bomb ya'll with my cat pictures, all seven of them:
Giving Mr Muu ears a massage.
He loves getting his ears massage. We didn't find him, he found us, he jumped into my mom's car when she's about to go out, he jumped back in again even after my mom brought him out. We were reluctant to take him in that time because we kept hamsters and a dog, but I'm glad we did. Mr Muu didn't show much interests in our hamsters and luckily he got along rather well with our dog, Chubby. I remember our first cat Soh Chai Meow also came to us the same way Mr Muu did, he jumped into my Dad's car and my dad did not realize it till he's came home with him, that was more than 10 years ago. I sometimes wondered if Mr Muu was Soh Chai Meow reincarnated? That wasn't a nice thought, being reincarnated as a cat over and over again. Well, at least they had a good life with us.
Mr Muu's afternoon nap

I envy him

Mr Muu and Mimi's daughter, she likes to 'communicate' with us by meowing non-stop and she's really tiny compared to her brothers, only 2.4kg while the rest are 3.9-4.0kg. Her other nickname is Sardine.

Elle Elle
The aunt, we her a few weeks after picking Mimi off the streets, she was very small then and her mother was nowhere to be seen. If we didn't take her in, we're afraid she might get hit by a car or get eaten by stray dogs. She was a bag of bones at first but her enormous appetite soon turn her into a pear shaped ball of fuzz with short legs. She and Chubby hit it off real good the first time they met, I think Chubby took her for her own daughter. Elle Elle acts like a dog in someways, out of all our cats, only Elle Elle growls when defending her food, just like Chubby. She even call out to us with a bark like meow, funny.
Mimi, she gained weight rapidly after spayed
Still adorable. 
We were looking for a wife for Mr Muu when we found her sitting under an umbrella of a fruit stall, her fur stuck with banana juice and whatnot. We took her home and got her cleaned up, she was skinny at first but soon fill out with regular feed.
Brothers- Timmy and Jimmy
Jimmy loves me, he would always wait till I go up to my bed on the upper deck before joining me, always. Timmy loves everyone, he is the only cat who have more than one ways to jump up my bed, the rest only knew one way up, its either climbing the steps (Mimi, Elle Elle, Nommy), through the back (Jimmy), leap up from the table below (Mr Muu, Tommy), Timmy knew every way possible and then some.

Tommy keeps to himself more often, and he was not as Manja to humans like the rest. He could be very playful when he chooses to be. 

Friday, 28 October 2011

Tea eggs

Something is not quite right with the line here, or maybe its my computer. I'll just do a short update before this thing crashes again. I have no idea what is wrong, I hope its nothing serious.

Made tea eggs last week using a herbal spices in a package, we're using MasFood but you can use any other brands. Following the instructions on the packet, we have prepared 15 eggs and 150 ml light soy sauce. We need to wash and boil the eggs until done, take them off the stove and cool them and gently make cracks on the egg surface, this is to ensure that the eggs can absorb the herbs well. Next, prepare a fresh pot and measure out 150ml soy sauce, pour it all in the pot, add the spice bags, eggs and enough water to cover everything and simmer under medium heat for 3 hours. The nice fragrance of the herbal eggs can be smelled throughout the house whilst its cooking.

The verdict? The eggs do absorb the herbal spices well, but I find them a little too salty. Maybe we could try reducing the soy sauce next time, or add more water. Have you tried any other herbal eggs spice packs? Or do you have any homemade recipes for herbal eggs? I'm very fond of tea eggs, do share with me :)

Makes 10-15 eggs
 Wash and boil them beforehand.
Add soy sauce, spice packs and water

Let simmer gently for 3 hours

Remove the spice packs and fish out the eggs, leave it in the herbal liquid if you like, not that it matters. You're not suppose to drink the herbal liquid, your hair might fall off from all that soy sauce, that's something my grandma would say.

Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Miso Japanese Restaurant 2

I enjoy going to Miso for dinner, their food are fresh, service quick and efficient. I've been there for at least 3 times since they opened, this is the 2nd time I went. You can read the first post here.
Cold green tea

Hot green tea

Una Jyu RM37.40
 Grilled eel with sweet sauce on top of rice and strips of fried eggs.

Grilled Oysters RM27.50
 Don't judge an oyster by its appearance. This may not look nice but they taste really really good. Fragrant and juicy.
Shake Teriyaki Jyu RM28.60
 Grilled salmon with teriyaki sauce served with rice and onion omelet. The portion is too big and heavy for me to finish.

Miso soup
Shake Teriyaki Course RM66

Salmon sashimi

Fried cabbage and carrots

Teriyaki salmon

Sushi no sashimi course RM63.80

Deep fried prawns

Assorted sushi and sashimi

Cawan Mushi

Uni Sashimi RM49.50
Sea urchin served on a bed of radish strips in a tiny cocktail glass. These sea urchins are small, so-so only.
Complimentary desserts
 Prices above are member price with 10% discount. On anniversary or birthdays, members can get up to 30% discounts.

Miso Japanese Restaurant
F-05 & 06, Karamunsing Capital,
88300 Kota Kinabalu Sabah
Tel: 088-448229

Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Le Safran

It's my first time trying French food, I have no knowledge about French food at all, so my expectations weren't that high. I haven't worked up the courage to try escargots, perhaps I ought to. Once I stepped into Le Safran, I felt slightly under-dressed in a tee shirt with a dress over it, I learned my lesson, next time I will make the efforts to dress up. Nobody actually discriminate me for dressing like so, but I still can't help to feel a lil' intimidated. Hehe. The interior is minimalist with some modern touches here and there. The setting is quite comfortable, it could be a good place for couples to date.

Le Safran is an establishment that offers simple and healthy french food at affordable price with a unique concept (borrowed from their facebook page Here.) I believe they are the first French restaurant in KK I can't remember what is what, and blast it, I lost the receipt.

Love the chairs

Coke addicts at it again

I believe this is called bouillabaisse
A seafood soup, I don't really like this, but my Dad and Mom did.

Not the expected goose liver pate, this is either chicken liver or duck liver as a paste. It has a strong scent of ikan masin (salted fish), to be frank.
Who doesn't know ratatouille, this dish was made famous by Pixar's animated film of the same name. It does not look like how it does in the movie. I find the carrots and other vegetables a bit tough and the flavor is just so-so, nothing too impressive.
Chocolate Fondant, if I remember correctly.
Its a chocolate lava cake with vanilla ice-cream, heavenly. We asked them to serve us the desserts whenever its done, so here it is between main courses.
Beef steak
Flavorful and tender beef steak sitting on a pillow of mashed potatoes which goes with a lovely sauce.
Fish fillet
Don't ask me what fish, I could not recall. The fish nicely done and on top of it sat a cloud of mashed potatoes.

Salmon pasta
This pasta is very good. Flavorful and creamy, yums.
This might be duck breast
I really must go back again and do a better post next time. Sorry for this half-arsed post.

An early greeting of Happy Deepavali to all Indian friends for tomorrow.