Sunday, 29 July 2012

Bintulu Korean Restaurant

Bintulu Korean Restaurant at Lintas
This is my favorite place to have Korean food and it's also the one of the first place I wanted to blog about
but it's getting exceedingly difficult to get seats there since they are always full on weekends
Both local as well as Koreans like to dine there

This best dish is the Beef Bulgogi
Most Korean Restaurant's bulgogi come ready made in a stone pot
Not Here
Their beef bulgogi is cooked on the spot:
Almost there

And done!
 The sauce mix together with hot rice is the best darn thing in the world. 

Beef Ribs soup
 The amount of beef given is beyond generous, the soup is light, sweet and refreshing

 I never eat this, but the rest of my family said its good
Popiah filled with meat inside
 You can hardly find these fried food in other Korean Restaurant, I've only seen Bintulu offering this on their menu
I have went to practically all Korean Restaurant in KK, except the one near Likas and 1 Borneo
Read all my reviews here: 

There is another on at Tanjung Aru I haven't blog about yet. Went to Sappul at City Mall and the one near Merdeka Supermarket before too but can't recall if I took any pictures. Any Korean place that is good?

Crab meat stick with cheese wrapped in seaweed and deep fried
 This one is a guilty indulgence. 

Saved some to tapau for my sister, she's working night shift now
The yellow egg thing is a must try dish, I remember I took a picture but no idea where its gone.
Its an omelet with fish in it.
I wanted to dine there again, the food is so good. 


Update 20th August 2012:
Went to Bintulu again yesterday, we waited for half and hour and no one came to clear the dirty tables, nor bring us the menu. They said they open till 11pm and we were there at 9pm, the boss just turn a blind eye on us, as if he couldn't see us.

 This is not the first time it happens, but we decided to give them a second chance.
However we are sorely disappointed.

If you don't want to serve us, at least come over and inform us, rather than let us wait there. Your food maybe good, but your service sucks.
This will be the last time we will return there.

Dear readers, if you want good food and good service, please go to Koryo Jeong at Warisan Square.
The husband and wife owner are the most friendly people in the business.

One time when we planned to dine there, but there were too much people. They personally came outside the restaurant and asked us not to leave yet while they quickly clear the tables.

The lack of staffs does not affect their quality of service and food.
They also made it a point to converse with the customers whenever possible, it made us feel welcomed.

Enough of cold, indifferent customer service from Bintulu.


I really love my mix rice

Chinese Zhap Fan
May sound like nothing special to you.
But for someone who works in a building where there are no Chinese food available,
having Chinese Zhap Fan once in a while could be a awesome treat. 

Eggs with Giu Choi

Potato Chicken
 More potato, no chicken please. My meat intake is at minimum.
Baby corns, my favorite.

Look a mess, but it's a yummy mess.
This is from a stall near my house
I only get to eat it once a week on Saturdays

I recently discovered a Chinese place near where I work,
its quite a long walk from my building but it's worth it
They sell Zhap Fan!
Got air con, free ice water and delicious dishes
can take whatever portion we like and the price is reasonable.

Now I can eat Zhap Fan more often
Happy :D


Thursday, 26 July 2012

Ke Akhir Garisan

Tomorrow on the 27th July 2012 will be the official opening ceremony of London Summer Olympics.

A special shout-out to our very own TEAM MALAYSIA!
Just do your best and do us proud! 
Malaysia Boleh! 

Here are the two Malaysia theme songs to get us in the mood.
Certainly brings out the patriotic spirit in all Malaysians.

Gemuruh Suara

Ke akhir garisan

 Proud to be Malaysian!


Hearty afternoon tea @Cons Food

At first we only decided to get a quick bite to eat, but it turned into a hearty gastronomic affair. There are just too many yummy things on their menu, how can we resist.
Cheese bake oysters
 Oysters, glorious oysters. This is a great picture even if I do say so myself, they are as good as they looked.
Blue mussel spaghetti
 At first I thought this would have a cream base sauce, but it's tomato base. I bought a packet of mussels and cooked cream sauce pasta with it for 3 days in a row. Awesome stuff, you can check out the pictures from my Instagram @bloggerladyg.
Teppanyaki beef
Tender with buttery fragrance, very nice. But Hana Japanese Restaurant at City Mall is still on the top of my list of best Teppanyaki Beef, however their service is near the bottom. 
Lasagna, don't let the presentation fool you, it's yummy! 
 This may not look very appetizing, but the lasagna is delish. Al dente pasta with stringy cheese and a lovely meat sauce, I will order again. My sister who studies culinary arts is not impressed with the food presentation. Fortunately the rest of the food photographed nicely. 
Mix grill, for the glutton
A mix grill always reminds me of a piece in one of my favorite book called Bread Tree Diary by a Hong Kong author Amy Cheung (張小嫻), the book is a collection of short write ups about the author's favorite things, food and memories. It is also one of the earliest influences that inspires me to start a blog, so I could write about my favorite things too.

Back to the mix grill, in the Bread Tree Diary, there is a recollection of the author's childhood memories about mix grills, she said she would order this dish whenever her parents took her out for western food, why a mix grill? It's because of gluttony. In a mix grill, there are sausages, chicken wings, steak... One could satisfy their cravings all at once.

(I wonder where I put that book, I suspect my mom packed it in boxes already.
Can't wait to move so I can see my books again)

The food there are quite satisfying, but if Western food is not your cup of tea, they have Malaysian favorites such as Soto Ayam/Daging as well. Or you could have a cup of tea with delicacies of your choice, there are a wide range of cakes and bread for the pickiest of eaters.


Saturday, 21 July 2012

Meeting Bestie @FullHouse

Met up with le Best Friend for lunch at Fullhouse the next week. 
I haven't seen her for such a long time.
I have been so busy with work and studies after Form 5, it's difficult to find time to meet up.
This is one of the rare times. I'm a terrible friend, I know. 

Lime Juice RM4.90 and Iced Korean Citron Tea RM4.90
Lime Juice for her, Citron Tea for me.
Both are cool and refreshing. The Korean Citron Tea have a little bitter taste from the citrus peel.

Oyster Shooter RM12.90
This one looks so interesting on the menu, I have to order it.
They're raw oysters in juice.

The Yellow one is Orange Juice, Red is Tomato and Celery and the White one is Lemongrass Lychee.

Never tried anything like that before. 

Croque Monsieur RM13.90 
She ordered this sandwich, there are pineapples, ham and cheese inside.

Oven Roasted Chicken Parcel RM22.90
I wanted to order this last week but they're out. Fortunately they have it this time.
The menu describe it as chicken stuffed with mushrooms, served with sauteed daikon, mashed potatoes and chinese herbs. It does have some herbal taste to it.
I probably won't order it again, not my cup of tea (or my slice of chicken)

I did my nails
Using Elianto Blue Splash and Indigo Shine. The faux Rhinestones can be found at 100 Yen Shop at Suria Sabah. They're not as shiny as Swarovski Crystals though.

Okay, that's all for now. I have some assignments waiting for me.

Friday, 20 July 2012

First time@Fullhouse

I was beyond excited when my colleague told me about this new restaurant in town (this was when Fullhouse   was launched in Suria Sabah, I am way too late in uploading this post)

I devour it's online menu for days but couldn't convince my parents to go with me. So I made plans to meet up with le best friend there to try out the place next weekend, but on the same week I made plans, le parents decided to go there too. So there will be two post on Fullhouse, as I was there two weekends in a row. 
They certainly have a lot of tempting stuff on their menu, I'm intrigued.

The lighting is good enough, I only have to tweak my Exposure Compensation to 1.7 and I'm able to get nice bright pictures, no editing needed.

The atmosphere here are very dreamy and romantic. I think most girls will like it here.
Can cam-whore a lot.

Another table ordered flower tea, might try that next time. 
Cute menu design
 Get a glimpse inside the menu HERE

Not all items on the menu are available at the Suria Sabah branch, their dessert selection is limited to Petit Fours only. I wanted the Profiteros and Creme Brulee so bad, but they didn't have those.
Iced Korean Jujube Tea RM4.90
 Korean Jujube sounds interesting although I have no idea what it is. Wikipedia stated that Jujube are dates that was used as traditional medicine to alleviate stress and various other healing properties. Good to know.

Sea Coconut drink RM5.90
 Did you know that sea coconuts are not actually harvested out of the sea but grow on trees?
 I didn't.
I thought sea coconut are some sort of plants that grew underwater, hence the name Sea Coconuts.
Like Sea Cucumbers which I thought were plants but actually are marine animals.

This is rather nice and refreshing.

Rose Strawberry Magic ball blended RM8.9
The white balls literally burst in your mouth with fruity flavor. It's a bit too sweet for my liking.

Forest Mushroom Soup RM8.90
 This is really nice, I can tell it's not the type of mushroom soup out of a can. Lots of fragrant bits of mushroom inside and almond flakes.
Wasabi Fish and Wedges RM16.90
Fish and Chips served with Wasabi Mayo, a new spin to an ordinary recipe.
Smoked Salmon Sandwich RM17.90
 A bit pricey for sandwich, but the bread is nice and it taste great with the smoked salmon.

Alfredo Spaghetti RM17.90
 I wanted to try their Oven Roasted Chicken Parcel but they're out of that item, a bit of a disappointment. So pasta it is then. This is nice, creamy with abundance of slice mushrooms. But the best mushroom spaghetti is from Fish and Co, in my opinion.
Everyone else have more interesting dishes than mine.

Grilled Mix Seafood RM28.90
 There are mussels, squid, prawns, scallops and mushrooms in this dish, with orange sauce. Interesting flavor.

Oyster Mornay 3 for RM17.90
 Baked oysters with cheese sauce. Not the best I've tried though.

Oven Roasted Chicken Tenderloin RM19.90
 Juicy roasted chicken fillet with tomato basil sauce served with mashed potatoes and shitake mushrooms.

The Fullhouse Club Sandwich RM13.90
Sandwich with Chicken slices, turkey ham, cheese, tomatoes, lettuce and egg mayo.

It's been a while since I wrote a long food post. I tried to restrain myself from posting too much pictures by choosing the best ones for each dish.


Let them eat cake

My course mate from University bake cakes for side income so I decided to show some support for her creations. I ordered Chocolate Moist and Red Velvet cup cakes.

I never had Red Velvet before, this is something new to me. Both cupcakes are moist, airy and not too sweet.
Me and my family polished off 2 dozens of cupcakes in 3 days.

She's planning to get started on an online business selling her cupcakes.
Once she got her site up and running, I might post her link up here.

If anyone is interested to purchase cakes from her (Kota Kinabalu only), just e-mail me at: or leave a comment below
I'll PM you her number.

Chocolate Moist
p/s: This is from a couple of months back, I'm not allowed to have so many sweet stuff at the moment.

Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Second day with braces

I survived the second day, basically I feel sore due to the tightening of my upper teeth, not much pain.
But nothing prepared me for what's coming last night:

Let's just say, flossing teeth in braces in a WTFBBQ painful experience.
There are more steps when brushing, but I enjoy the process, it feels quite therapeutics. 
Had a dream where I repeat the steps of brushing my teeth over and over in my sleep and panicking that I won't have enough time in the morning to do all the steps. Didn't sleep well. 

Second thing I still haven't got used to when wearing braces:

I tried to eat a Bak Choy stalk during lunch, and there goes another WTFBBQ painful event. 
No more biting for a while, I'll stick to soft food for the time being.
 It's kind of embarrassing leaving the vegetable stalks on my plate during lunch, people might think I'm a picky eater.

Fortunately my dentist decided to do the top part at first, at least it gave me some time to get used to it. 

Lady G

Tuesday, 17 July 2012


You can generate your own meme from:
Lady G

First Meal After Braces

Last meal before braces:
Oatmeal with prunes and raisins

First meal after braces: 
Mantao with ham and cheese brought from May and May Sandwich House at Beverly Hills Plaza, right behind KFC. This stuff is awesome although some stuck to my braces.



Today I went to have my braces put in, but my dentist only did the top part. She needs to see how it goes before putting in the lower part. 

The best thing about it:
It doesn't hurt one bit! 
(contrary to popular belief)
The entire process is quite relaxing, it's totally worth the expensive charges.
Now it doesn't really hurt either, just a bit tightening which is expected. 

Now what I need to do is take good care of my teeth and brace until the next visit 6 weeks later.
Also avoid sugary food, sweet and fizzy drinks, candies and hard mints, hard crusts, apples, fruit juices etc.
I must remember to rinse with water after every meal and brush twice daily accordingly to the instructions.
I should start getting use to some serious discipline. 

Here are the stuff I'm given (ahem, bought):
1. Gingival Spray for sores, bleeding, ulcers or inflammations
2. Interbrace Orthodontic Brush with refills
3. Mouthwash 
4. Superfloss for braces
5. Plaque Disclosing Toothpaste
6. Tooth Mousse for Calcium and Phosphate
7. Silicon
8. Toothpaste for Orthodontics care

I'm so happy

Monday, 16 July 2012

I'm getting braces tomorrow

I'm so excited.

I wanted to get braces for so long but my parents never thought it necessary. Now that I'm working, I'm able to afford my orthodontics treatment.

I've always been self conscious about my teeth, it's all over the place. And I hate to smile too widely because it would expose my crooked teeth. I'm so glad I'm finally getting it fixed.

It's not easy for me to embark on this journey, because I have severe underbite (where the jaw protrudes outwards too much) and crossbite. My top teeth and lower teeth does not bite down properly, leaving a large gap in between and my jaw are not asymmetric. I went to several dentist in town but they all told me it's impossible to correct it without surgery. I felt dejected. I understand my condition, but the main reason why I seek orthodontic treatment is to straighten my teeth so I can have more confidence. 

In the end, I approached Dr Pamela Yong at Smile Orthodontics. She also advised me that a Class 3 jaw surgery is needed to correct my dental problems. She did mention that orthodontics alone will not make much improvement for me and she will not promise any miracles. She asked if this is really what I wanted? I was told to go home and think it through as well as research about the jaw surgery. During the car ride back home, I burst out in tears. I felt so hopeless that I'll never have straight teeth.

It took me a year before I pick up the courage to call Smile Orthodontics once more to make an appointment on 8 May. I made up my mind, I wanted to do the orthodontics treatment but not the jaw surgery. They called me back for another review and this time we got down to it, had my mug shot and X-ray taken. I have also scheduled my next consultation on 13 June. The x-ray and review cost me RM460, and the death of some cells. 

 I was told there are only 2 specialist in Kota Kinabalu who could do the jaw surgery, but they do not have much experience in it. Naturally, I'm not convinced, my parents are also not too confident about it. I have done my research on the surgery, one of the from Jawsome Journal. I read though how the patient went through with the recovery process after her surgery and I was stunned. It might not represent all Class 3 jaw surgery cases but I'm still worried. You have to read it yourself to find out. Besides, the surgery is more than just fixing the teeth, it reconstruct the jaw which will affect the overall facial structure as well, something like cosmetic surgery. It's a big step and I'm not prepared for it. Not to mention the cost, having to take time off from work and studies for the surgery, the recovery period, possible risks and complications et cetera. Maybe in the future I would reconsider it, but not now, I'm not ready. 

On the second consultation, Dr Pamela has got my X-ray read, she have made calculation. She told me my jaw angle is way off the standard proportion, she would still recommend the surgery but it's up to me to decide. I confirmed that I will not be undergoing the surgery. We discuss further on my concerns, as well as briefing me about the expectations and risk of orthodontics. No treatment is without risk, but it should be safe enough. The entire procedure including the braces, the follow up and retainers will more or less cost RM10K++. She suggest having two wisdom tooth out on the lower jaw and recommended Dr Sonia Pang from Dr Alex Lo Clinic in Damai. 

I was scheduled in on 20 June for my first wisdom tooth extraction. Those who are following me on Instagram would have seen the X-ray before. The one on the right side is growing vertically which is difficult to extract normally. Dr Sonia said she will make an incision and then saw the tooth in 3 parts before extracting it one by one. When I lie down on the dentist chair awaiting the surgery, I have an irrational thought going through my head "What am I doing? That is a perfectly good tooth, why do I want it extracted?" The anesthetic injection is most frightening, of course it hurts during the extraction, but I felt minimal pain after the surgery, only some discomfort and inconvenience. I did have 4 stitches put in but the wound healed nicely. (I get to have 2 days medical leave not including the 1 day annual leave I took to go for the surgery, hihihi)

On 29 June, I went back for 2nd wisdom tooth extraction and removal of stitches from the first surgery. I thought this time the tooth will come out normally, but turns out I need surgery for that side as well. That sucks, however this time, right after the anesthetic injections, I felt my body weakened from nerves. It didn't happen the first time, guess I already knew what's coming. It hurts more this time, I still remember during the surgery, Bruno Mars "It Will Rain" was playing over and over in the background. I wonder why they put on this song? But what's most important: It's over! No more extractions for me. I used to be braver when I was young, the older I get, the more scaredy cat I get. The two extractions, including filling and scaling cost me around RM1500++.

I have spend so much even before the braces got put in. Look at what we are willing to sacrifice for vanity! Tomorrow, I will finally have my braces on, hopefully all went well, fingers crossed. I've already made a vow to stop drinking Coca Cola, I'm sure this will motivate me to stop my addiction. 

Oh well, I know this is a long post, sorry if you it bore you out of your wits. I promise I'll most more food post after this, since I probably won't be able to enjoy certain food for a while, I'll be blogging the back dated post instead. 

Here comes my journey towards straighter teeth.

Sunday, 15 July 2012

My Samsung Galaxy Tablet 10.1

My Tablet is finally making it's first appearance in this blog. I wanted one of these for so long but was put off by the price tag, I have even briefly thought about going for the Acer Iconia A500 or A200, but aesthetic wise, it's not as sleek and pretty as the Samsung 10.1. 

Now that it's mine, I LOVE IT!!!
This awesome casing lovingly made by Mummy dearest
  I have been painstakingly trying to find a nice casing for le tablet, but all the ones I've seen are deuce ugly.  I'm so glad I don't have to spend '冤枉钱' on something I don't like, I could not imagine spending RM150 for 2 slabs of faux leather.

Those are nowhere as pretty as my one of a kind, girly-girly Tablet Casing <3

Anyone would want to have a custom made casing for your Galaxy Tab, iPad, Acer Iconia Tab or whatever-Tab like this, you could order one from us.

Drop me a message at
Padded and quilted casing to protect le tablet from getting scratched or dropped. With a length of lace at the sides and on the cover.
Look how sleek and pretty it is
I used my tablet mostly for reading e-books and Scramble, is anyone as addicted to Scramble as I am?
USB and Memory card adapter
The one weakness of the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1- No USB port. However, that can be remedied with this adapter, as long as you're willing to fork out an extra RM159 for these babies, the two adapter comes in a set but so far I only used the USB one as I haven't got a memory card yet.

Well, that's it about my Galaxy Tab.