Thursday, 28 February 2013

Bourbon Aji Salon Assorted Flavor Rice Crackers

These are my favorite snacks from Bourbon. They're rather pricey and not always available at stores, so I rarely indulged. These are savory rice crackers. I have expensive taste when it comes to snacks, so I won't eat that often.

I prefer having a good meal rather than wasting stomach space filling it with junks, but indulging once in a while should be fine. I have a friend who snacks all day and when it comes to lunch, she would eat only 1/3 of her food. There would be a lot of leftover rice and stuff. I don't think that's a very health way to feed oneself.

My New Year Resolution this year is to eat healthier. That means less junk, less fast food and less soft drinks. I have been neglecting to eat properly last year, one day, after scarfing down a whole lot of McDonald's French Fries and Coca Cola, a horrible guilty feeling envelops me. At that moment, I swore to eating less of fast food and soft drinks. I have not completely swore it off, but my junk eating habit is reeled under control.

The good thing is, I didn't eat that much junk during CNY either. I had braces put in my lower teeth and could barely bite into anything hard or crispy for the whole week.

Left-Right: Almond, Seaweed, Wasabi
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Chubby seem to be adapting to our new place pretty well. She's making herself right at home, dominating one of the sofas. We moved in a few days before CNY, it was hectic but I'm glad everything falls to place, eventually. I think I lost quite a fair bit of weight moving things repetitively from the 3rd floor to the ground floor, from the ground floor to the 2nd floor at our new place. It's totally worth it, but I'm not about to do it again any time soon, once is quite enough to last a long while.

I love our new Sofa, it's custom made for our needs by A Touch of Home opposite Kian Kok High School. Our curtains are made by them too. Thank you, thank you, thank you to the wonderful people at A Touch of Home for their great work and thank you to the awesome delivery guys, the sofas are damn heavy, we couldn't possibly move them without their help.

By the way, a belated Happy Chinese New Year!

More updates soon.

Lady G
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Look what came in the mail!


Rachel K Mineral Color Control CC Cream. I received it the day I use Rhonda Byrne's The Magic practice for good news, and this came in the mail, all the way from Singapore too.  Thank you, thank you, thank you for taking the trouble sending this to me.

Rachel K was founded by Miss Singapore 2009- Rachel Kum, she has worked with leading cosmetologist, dermatologist and make up artist to come up with the Rachel K line of cosmetics and skin care products.

CC Cream comes from the word Color Control, and it's said to have better coverage than the usual BB cream and includes 10 benefits in 1, including Protection, Hydration, Repairs, Brightens, Sunblock, Conceal flaws, Anti-wrinkle, Non-oily, Non-comodogenic and Evens skin tone.

Rachel K's CC cream contains ingredients such as White Tea Extract, Deep Sea Water from Korea,  Epidermal Growth Factor, Macadamia Nut Oil from Australia, Natural Vitamin E and Hyaluronic Acid. Can't wait to try this out.

P/S: Just figured out how to post multiple photographs, blogging should be much easier after this.
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Test Post

My Cat Bellini

First time using Picasa3 to upload pictures to Blogger. Still have a lot of get used to. Like how do I post multiple photo's to a blog post?
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