Saturday, 17 March 2012

Heng Loong, Warisan Square

I've blogged about Heng Loong at 1 Borneo before, I have always wanted to blog about the Warisan Square branch. I think the one in Warisan Square is nicer in terms of interior design, there's something really grand and fancy about them compared to the simple design in 1 Borneo. I might be biased, but I think the food at Warisan branch is nicer too.

Gorgeous lamps

Isn't this decor much fancier compared to 1 Borneo branch?

White Fungus and pear soup
 This sweet soup is supposed to have beautifying properties.
I do love soups

My favorite: Chicken and dried scallops double boiled soup

First scallop I fished out

2nd scallop I found, there's more in there
 I like how the ingredients are so generous, the soup is savory sweet from the scallop and chicken.
Hot and Spicy soup
 This is the only dish that doesn't agree with us, too oily and too spicy for us, its easy to get indigestion if you're not used to these type of food.
Leong Fun Milk

Fried Seafood Ramen

Seafood Fried Rice

Salted egg yolks prawn

Xiu Loong Baos

I love Siu Loong Baos

Ramen with Deep Fried ribs


Another type of ribs, steamed.

Clam dumpling with fatt choy

Friday, 16 March 2012

Lessons continued

Back to Microsoft Power Point Class Level 2, I have been taking the level 1 class since Wednesday, today we have entered 2nd level, tomorrow will be the last day! Read my previous post: With love from the computer lab. Today we continue to play with image manipulation and animation.

I have not been sleeping much these few days, after class I still have to go home and work on my assignments which are originally due in 2 days, I have finally received approval from the University Administration to extend one more week for the assignments, I'm breathing a sigh of relief now, tonight I can sleep early. Usually my bed time is like 8, but these days I slept in like 12am, imagine what it does to me during working hours.

Ctrl+C, Ctrl+v, align both picture and rotate horizontal for one of the picture.

My favorite of the day
 To find out more about these short term computer courses which are fully sponsored by the Sabah Ministry of Resource and IT, please go to AMC's website HERE.

Thursday, 15 March 2012

Kenny Rogers Roasters

We're out of ideas what to eat while shopping at Suria, so Kenny Rogers Roasters it is then, I know, again. Very modern interior here, I especially like the hanging lamps.We went there to check out the new City Grocer, lots of imported stuff which is quite interesting, although the pricing is also hmm... Try to control yourself and purchase only those things that are not available in local stores. Its not worth paying higher price for things you can get elsewhere with lower price.

 By the way, trying out new picture ratio, noticed that the pictures looks a bit longer than usual?

Vanilla Muffin, my favorite of the lot
 They have banana and chocolate, but I didn't like those as much as the Vanilla. The chocolate one always taste a bit burnt to me.
Some drink with Soda and Jelly Bits
 I rather like this, the jelly bits are fun to slurp through a straw.
Cheesy macaroni with chicken bits
 I usually would order this, it has always been my favorite side dish when a child, at that time the only KRR in Kota Kinabalu is at Karamunsing, which closed down for a number of years before reemerging like mushrooms after a rain. Now I'm waiting for them to bring back A&W's to Sabah, they have been gone long enough.
Quarter chicken with 3 side dishes
 The mashed potatoes are good, but the sliced potatoes are a bit raw, in my honest opinion. I love button mushrooms from the sauce.
Another quarter chicken with different combination of sides

Awesome chocolate lava cake

This cake is absolutely awesome! For Rm5.90 which is much cheaper than what was charged everywhere else, its surprisingly good. The warm cake with melting chocolate sauce inside combined with the vanilla ice-cream and garnished with a cherry and mint leaf. Life couldn't be better, a must try I tell you!

All My Cats

I'm gonna bombard you with another post of all nine of my cats, in my bed. There's a heck lot of cat hairs on the bed spread after they're gone. Do not try this if you're allergic to hairs.

Wednesday, 14 March 2012

With love from the computer lab

I'm taking the government sponsored ICT course today for Microsoft PowerPoint and I'm writing this from the lab where the class is held. Surprisingly it is not as boring as I thought, although I do know the basics already. We're using the newer version from what I'm used to (2010), the new features are much easier and funner to use.
Things we learn in this class
1. Adding titles and texts to blank slide with penguins as background.
2. Same thing as above this time using koala's for background.
3. Playing with pictures effects.
4. Playing with clip arts
5. And more which is not in the screen captures eg: adding charts...
This one I particularly like
Matching two pictures of Shih Tzu (although they're not my favorite breed of dogs) with the rose background, using Picture Effects > Soft Edges > 50 points. And added Artistic Effects > Paint Brush.

Insert Chart
Look at this, isn't that awesome. You can edit straight away without having to manually open Microsoft Excel and convert it into your Presentation slides. I'm seriously amazed (yeah I know, sakai bah, don't have this feature in the older versions lor)

Insert Smar Art
I bet I can start making awesome info graphs with all these Smart Art Graphics. Never thought to use Powerpoint for this purpose before.

Learn more about this government sponsored ICT course from . They're fully sponsored by the Sabah Ministry of Resource Development and IT so you don't have to pay a thing and you'll get a certificate of attendance once completed the course, which won't take more than two days of classes. There are different schedules and courses to suit your needs so go check it out yourself. These short courses are perfect for you to brush up your skills in what you think you already knew.

Bet most of you don't know this yet, now you do. To register for courses, you must register as member first, don't worry as it is completely free. Okay, almost time to go home, signing off now and I'll be back again tomorrow.

Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Cawan @ Bundusan Plaza

I'm a glutton when it comes to delicacies, that's what happened when I faced the delicacies selection at places such as Mee Ngar and Cawan- greed and a healthy does of curiosity. I wanted to try everything there is, you would too when you see these:
Look how pretty it is, with a leaf plastered on top

Curry Bun
 This is nice, but a tad too spicy for my liking. Filled with curried potatoes.
This is called Anchovies Bun
 Anchovies bun is something new to me but I'm a bit disappointed with this one.
Mango and Blueberry Swiss Rolls
 Both flavor are yummy, I prefer Swiss Roll withjam filling rather than those with cream filling. The mango one is nice.
Cheese Bun
Nothing new, just like your regular savory-sweet cheese bun available everywhere else.