Monday, 14 October 2013

Lucy's Kitchen

Been there a few times but never posted about them before. Here's an obligatory post. Haha. Love the free WIFI, variety of choices and the quick service. The food is just average, edible but nothing that really blows your mind. Still, a great place to have hang out with friends.

Creme Brulee to start
Lime Juice
Carbonara. Its the egg yolk.


Sunday, 13 October 2013

Afternoon Tea

Testing a blog post through my Xperia Ultra Z.Updates from my work desk. 

Flower Tea
My favorite Cow poo tart from Mee Ngar
It still boggles the mind how such a yummy treat gets this name.


Saturday, 28 September 2013

Blanket Fort

He likes it, me thinks. 


Homecook meals

My absofreakinglutely favorite dish by my mom. 
Claypot chicken rice with chinese sausages and mushrooms. 

Ich will mehr, omg, Ich will immernoch mehr. 


Weird Food #6

Korean Seaweed + Japanese Miso

Conclusion:  I don't like this seaweed, it has sugar in it when it should be salty. 


Friday, 27 September 2013

Weird Food #5

Judge me not.

Mac & Cheese + Rice = a delicious meal. 

Conclusion: I'm hungry 


OMG! What is this?



Inedible to Yummilicious

How I salvage a batch of super-failed-inedible-lava-cake into something yummilicious. 

There is absolutely no freaking way I can deny this: I sucked at baking. I could fail even baking from a cake mix straight out of a box. That is precisely what happened to my overly-ambitious-lava-cake-from-a-box endeavor. 

To my own defence, I've followed all instructions on the box mixing up the batch, popped it in the oven as per instructed, fully anticipating my lava cake to come out just like the picture on the box, soft with a deliciously melty centre. How I wish. 

Maybe, I'm destined to never step into a kitchen *sigh*. The results is just too horrendous to describe but still, I would plague you with all the gory details, just because I could. The cake has set into an irregular lump, overflowing from it's cup, not the nicest looking lump in the history of baking from the looks of it, however my hopeful heart still thought I shouldn't judge a cake by its appearance. 

So, without letting the sight of it defeat me, I plunge my fork into the heart of it, fully expecting hot flow of chocolatey goodness spilling out. But no. I pulled out the fork, instead of chocolate sauce dripping from it, there were crumbs. Not giving up yet, I Karate chop the cake in half with my bare hands cake knife and discovered: Nothing. No lava so to speak of.  And the cake is rather hard and sadly a tad dry. 

My hopes plunged down a high cliff, into the darkness, never to be seen again, for as long as humans shall live. 

Rather than disposing the whole thing into the garbage bin and be done with it, I've decided to let it sit in the oven overnight to remind myself of my failure, but waking up the next morning, a brilliant thought came in mind. It was inspired by THIS, Rita's Ridiculously-easy-cheat-no-bake-chocolate-cake. It saves my cake from the fate of dying an unnatural death before fulfilling it's duty in enhancing the happiness it's maker. 

The final reveal, after it's makeover. My ugly duckling turned into a swan.
 From inedible to omg-so-yummy-I-can-swoon. 
*cues chaperone holding up smelling salts to rouse the unconscious from overtight corsets due to overindulgence of sinful treats. 

Everyone knows that a reformed rake cake makes the best husband dessert. 


Tuesday, 23 April 2013


Sleep until like that also can. 
Nommy hugging her brother Tommy. With their mum at the back. 


Onn Recipe 1 Borneo

Onn Recipe located at 1 Borneo Ground Floor, I noticed they have recently updated their menu to include many dishes similar to those served in Hong Kong Recipe. Roasted  Chicken/ Duck/Meat rice or noodles are their specialty. Their wontons are pretty good too. 

Deep Fried Wontons
I love their wontons! Very generous amount of prawn and meat filling. A must try! 
Wonton Soup
It was so good, we have to order one in soup. 

Shreeded Chicken Hor Fun
The broth is very light and sweet, I don't mean the kind of artificial sweetness. The hor fun done nicely too, not too soft and still el dente. 

Shredded Chicken Hor Fun

Fish balls and Fish Cakes in soup
This was so-so only, in my opinion. Taste like any ordinary fishballs and fishcakes, nothing spectacular. I wanted the fish paste, but they ran out of that. Do try the fish paste if they have it, it was pretty good. 


Weird Food #3

More weird food habits of mine. Pasta with rice! I am the ultimate connoisseur of East meets West, muahaha... 

I love rice, and I love pasta. I don't care if you think I'm nuts, this is really yummy. 


Thursday, 18 April 2013

Tip for Braces-Wearer #2

Choosing your toothbrush

Choosing the right sort of toothbrush is very important when you start wearing braces. Once you have those metal brackets and wires stuck to your teeth, it's not coming out for the next 12-24 months. It also means that you will need to start cleaning your teeth differently than before.

Your orthodontist will most probably recommend you a toothbrush with soft bristle. Nowadays, there are more manufactures producing soft bristle toothbrushes after the Japanese brand Systema introduced the 0.02mm bristle toothbrush. Colgate produce the Slimsoft toothbrush with 0.01mm bristle, Darlie, too have their own Soft-sensitive toothbrush.

There are also special toothbrushes made for people who wear braces, these are often available through your orthodontist and some pharmacies. However, let's not limit our choices.

No matter which brand you choose, make sure to get one that has soft bristles, because they are gentler to your gums. (This applies to people who doesn't wear braces too, since hard bristle toothbrushes are harsh on your gums, which might cause bleeding or soreness)

Choosing a toothbrush with soft bristle also ensure you won't accidentally damage your braces, like causing the wires to dislodge or the brackets to come off. You will pay the price if the brackets do come off, literally. I was told it will cost RM50 for each bracket that came off, and RM100 if you lost it. So far I have not experience this problem *touch wood*

The more refined bristle also gets into the spaces between your braces much more easily to get rid of any food trapped there. This will help prevent to formation of plague, which is the main causes of tooth decay, bat breath or gum diseases. You wouldn't want to have straight teeth but end up with rotten ones, do you?  

Hope this helps all fellow train-trackers out there.
I'm currently using Systema, but recently bought some soft bristle ones from Darlie, they have black bristles!

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Weird Food #2

This is really awesome, I highly recommend it if all you got is plain rice and nothing else.

Korean Seaweed! (Some people called it laver.

Purchase Korean Seaweed that comes in packets like the above. I just randomly grab some.

Open the packet

Take one piece of seaweed, lay it on your plate and plop a spoon of rice on top.

Roll it up with your spoon, doesn't matter what it look like cause it's going into your stomach anyway.

Ah, this is a nicer looking one. Just pop the whole thing in your mouth. It's that simple.

Taste just like Japanese Onigiri without the fillings. If the seaweed is salty enough, you should be able to finish up a whole plate of rice with one packet. If you have some instant Miso soup to go with it, even better.

What do you think? Is this something you'll try or pass.

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Weird Food #1

*I admit that I have weird eating habits. Just thought I should document them, it might be interesting.*

Here's what I have the other day, rice with soup, topped with savory biscuits: Arnold's Sensations- Vintage Cheddar and Chives with Sesame Seed.

It was yummy, by the way. Reminds me of my childhood days where I used to bring rice from home, and eat it topped with some sort of Keropok (junk food) during recess time. You might think; "Oh, so that's why you look so malnurished?" Not true, I just have a high metabolism.

I do eat proper food, okay.

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Wednesday, 17 April 2013

I Taw a Puddy Tat


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