Sunday, 25 September 2011

Brooklyn, 1 Borneo

Brooklyn, previously known as New York, New York. This is one of the restaurant we've dined in when 1 Borneo first opened. I really love the wide range of choices in their menu and the good food. I couldn't remember the exact name of the dishes, the waitress there were very 'li hai', we only told her the item number while she's taking the order, and later she could repeat all our orders without missing a single word. I don't know how she did it. In this competitive society, even waitressing cannot play-play.

The peach dessert is our all time favorite. Our family does not have the habit of ordering desserts while dining out, but this is an exception. The first time we dine here, there is a bit delay with our food, the staffs apologized to us and has delivered a basket of potato wedges and this heavenly waffle with peach and ice-cream, on the house, we were hooked! There is not a time we didn't order this ever since. If the staff did not introduce this to us that time, we would never in a million years thought to try it. 

Love the black and white graphics on the walls.
Blueberry bling bling

Root beer float

Lime juice

Beef lasagna

Calamari rings

Deep fried mushrooms

Sauce that goes with the mushrooms

Hawaiian burger

Super awesome Alfredo pasta

Something called the breakfast burger or something

The best darn peach waffles in the world!

Cooney Island dog


Miyabi Japanese Restaurant

Miyabi Japanese Restaurant at Damai. Our family has been going there for almost 8 years, I remember the first time going there as a tomboyish teenager of 14 with spiked hair, and now a 21 year old early adult, how time flies. We never get bored with the place, good food, affordable price, quiet atmosphere, what more can we ask for? We went there so often, it feels as familiar as our own home. I'll split this into a few post, there were too many pictures from here.

Hot green tea for us

Course 3
 Course 3, assorted sushi. salad, sashimi, potato salad and deep fried breaded oysters.
Chirashi Sushi
 Vinegared rice topped with tamago, sashimi and fish roe. Instant boost for your appetite.

Tempura Nama Udon

Delicious soy soup base

Cod fish set

Braised beef with radish
 Very flavorful.
Course 7
 Course 7, with tempura nama udon, boxing chicken and sushi.

Half-boiled egg

Dobin Mushi
 My favorite dobin mushi with lots of ingredients inside, succulent fish, crab meat stick, quails egg, chicken etc etc in a soy sauce soup base.

Saturday, 24 September 2011

Hi Seoul! Korean Restaurant

Hi Seoul! A Korean Restaurant located at Likas Square is a place where I frequently went for lunch during workdays. They have the best Kimchi and gimbap in KK in my personal opinion. My favorite is their bulgogi set lunch, which is really fragrant as the thin slices of beef were stir fried with lots of garlic. I dare not partake often since my mom would nag me about my garlic breath, my colleagues probably noticed, but were too polite to say anything. I would arm myself with a whole tube of breath fresheners if I planned to indulge in my forbidden love for Hi Seoul's bulgogi (will blog about it another time)

Went with a few colleagues a few months back. All the dishes were good, as usual. The spicy stir-fried pork is a bit too spicy, though. You could ask for stir-fried beef and non-spicy version. Braised pork is very flavorful, the potatoes in it soaked up the sauces. Jap Chae are stir fried glass noodles with carrots, mushrooms, onions and greens, the portion is big enough for 2 or more person to share, its very filling. The pork steamboat are pork meat simmered in a sweet soup with various veggies in it, if you prefer beef, they have beef steamboat which is just as good. My bibimbap, rice seasoned with sesame oil in a hot stone pot, with julienned vegetables and other ingredients on it, which you have to mix well before consuming. You can opt to have hot sauce to go with it, or not, be sure to tell the waitress while ordering. Lastly, the gimbap, we had their special cheese gimbap with crabmeat stick, cheese, cucumbers and mayo. Their original gimbap with pickles and minced beef or pork were also delicious.

They have rather affordable set lunch which ranges between RM10-13, each set comes with 3 different Kimchi and rice with the dish of your choice. I looked forward to blog more about their other dishes which I had the chance to try before. Do give them a try if you're in that area.
Wide and spacious

Cold green tea

Hot green tea

Stir fried Jap Chae

Braised pork set lunch

Spicy stir fried pork

Pork steamboat

My bibimbap

Cheese gimbap

Boh liao