Thursday, 28 February 2013

Bourbon Aji Salon Assorted Flavor Rice Crackers

These are my favorite snacks from Bourbon. They're rather pricey and not always available at stores, so I rarely indulged. These are savory rice crackers. I have expensive taste when it comes to snacks, so I won't eat that often.

I prefer having a good meal rather than wasting stomach space filling it with junks, but indulging once in a while should be fine. I have a friend who snacks all day and when it comes to lunch, she would eat only 1/3 of her food. There would be a lot of leftover rice and stuff. I don't think that's a very health way to feed oneself.

My New Year Resolution this year is to eat healthier. That means less junk, less fast food and less soft drinks. I have been neglecting to eat properly last year, one day, after scarfing down a whole lot of McDonald's French Fries and Coca Cola, a horrible guilty feeling envelops me. At that moment, I swore to eating less of fast food and soft drinks. I have not completely swore it off, but my junk eating habit is reeled under control.

The good thing is, I didn't eat that much junk during CNY either. I had braces put in my lower teeth and could barely bite into anything hard or crispy for the whole week.

Left-Right: Almond, Seaweed, Wasabi
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