Friday, 1 June 2012

New blogging experience

I have wanted a Samsung Galaxy Tab for qutie some times and I finally gotten one yesterday. Unfortunately I wasn' t aware that this model (10.1) does not have call out function. I have originally wanted to use this as a multifunction tablet: eg phone, netbook etc. Its the only model that is big enough so I don't have to squint much.

This means I will need to get a new sim card for support mobile internet connection. I planned to get a Digi sim, activate the 1 year active plan for RM30 and then activate the RM30 per day, 500 MB monthly deal. What do you think, is this a good or there is a more cheaper and simpler way? I do not want it to be too complicated and difficult to maintain.

Still need a casing for this thing, all the ones I've seen so far are dueced ugly and they are not cheap either. Do you think I should get the keyboard dock to use with this tablet?

Damned slow loading pictures from gallery,but it might be due to the Internet connection. Do check out my twitter and instagram for the latest updates and picture @bloggerladyg.

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