Thursday, 12 July 2012

Breakfast @HongKong Recipe

Still prefer the branch at One Borneo.
One artistic shot of their mirrored ceiling, kunun.

Dumpling soup
 Their soup is pretty good, the dumplings are lovely with lots of prawns inside. 
Char Siew with Spinach Noodles
 My camera is completely out of focus for this picture. Char Siew is nice. 
Fish Fillet with Spinach Noodles
 Somehow my camera choose to focus on the background and made the front blurry. The noodles are pretty average. I usually order the cheese baked rice with seafood, but we were too early and they didn't have it yet. I also like their glazed pork ribs with fried rice and sunny-side-up. 
Peanut Butter and Condense Milk on thick toast
What better way to end a meal with a yummilicious thick toast? I was in dilemma between choosing this or the Kaya and Condense milk toast. Peanut butter won but I will be giving the Kaya one a try next time. I know I could make my own, it's not that hard. However it's always nicer when someone else made it.



  1. MMM...yummy...I love the spinach noodles

    1. Spinach Mee Pok, what's not to love?

  2. all the food looks so delicious..
    remind me of my HKG experience..

    1. I think the menu are pretty accurate compare to the real thing in Hong Kong.