Monday, 5 November 2012

Your Just Desserts

Totally went nuts grabbing these at the Promenade Hotel's bakery section.
Everything 40% off after 6pm.

We had dinner at Dynasty Restaurant for my grandpa's birthday in August.I was sick as a dog that day, feeling feverish and also a mild case of diarrhea. However there is no getting out of the dinner even though I threw up at least twice before we head out.

My mom made me go to school even when I'm feverish with chicken pox, I was Seven! Ya think she'll have some mercy on me now? 
Not. A. Chance.
So off I went, dragging my sick butt to attend le birthday dinner. 

To make up for my obedience, I decided to reward myself with the dessert selection there.There are four types and I bought 2 each.It all round up to less than RM20. Bargain! 

Promenade cake box

Rude cream puff, it's sticking it's tongue out at me. 


  1. the fruit tart looks delish! the cream puff is so cute! haha. hope u are all well now. take care :)


    1. I'm all better now, thanks for the well wishes. Actually this is a way overdue post back from August.

  2. Ahh those desserts would make up for any ailment!

    Chic 'n Cheap Living

    1. It definitely made me want to get better so I could wolf down all of them.