Thursday, 18 April 2013

Tip for Braces-Wearer #2

Choosing your toothbrush

Choosing the right sort of toothbrush is very important when you start wearing braces. Once you have those metal brackets and wires stuck to your teeth, it's not coming out for the next 12-24 months. It also means that you will need to start cleaning your teeth differently than before.

Your orthodontist will most probably recommend you a toothbrush with soft bristle. Nowadays, there are more manufactures producing soft bristle toothbrushes after the Japanese brand Systema introduced the 0.02mm bristle toothbrush. Colgate produce the Slimsoft toothbrush with 0.01mm bristle, Darlie, too have their own Soft-sensitive toothbrush.

There are also special toothbrushes made for people who wear braces, these are often available through your orthodontist and some pharmacies. However, let's not limit our choices.

No matter which brand you choose, make sure to get one that has soft bristles, because they are gentler to your gums. (This applies to people who doesn't wear braces too, since hard bristle toothbrushes are harsh on your gums, which might cause bleeding or soreness)

Choosing a toothbrush with soft bristle also ensure you won't accidentally damage your braces, like causing the wires to dislodge or the brackets to come off. You will pay the price if the brackets do come off, literally. I was told it will cost RM50 for each bracket that came off, and RM100 if you lost it. So far I have not experience this problem *touch wood*

The more refined bristle also gets into the spaces between your braces much more easily to get rid of any food trapped there. This will help prevent to formation of plague, which is the main causes of tooth decay, bat breath or gum diseases. You wouldn't want to have straight teeth but end up with rotten ones, do you?  

Hope this helps all fellow train-trackers out there.
I'm currently using Systema, but recently bought some soft bristle ones from Darlie, they have black bristles!

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