Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Onn Recipe 1 Borneo

Onn Recipe located at 1 Borneo Ground Floor, I noticed they have recently updated their menu to include many dishes similar to those served in Hong Kong Recipe. Roasted  Chicken/ Duck/Meat rice or noodles are their specialty. Their wontons are pretty good too. 

Deep Fried Wontons
I love their wontons! Very generous amount of prawn and meat filling. A must try! 
Wonton Soup
It was so good, we have to order one in soup. 

Shreeded Chicken Hor Fun
The broth is very light and sweet, I don't mean the kind of artificial sweetness. The hor fun done nicely too, not too soft and still el dente. 

Shredded Chicken Hor Fun

Fish balls and Fish Cakes in soup
This was so-so only, in my opinion. Taste like any ordinary fishballs and fishcakes, nothing spectacular. I wanted the fish paste, but they ran out of that. Do try the fish paste if they have it, it was pretty good. 


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