Tuesday, 5 March 2013

My Scheming Silk Mask 我的心机蚕丝面膜

Silk mask is really fun to use, they are lighter, softer, more flexible and adhere better to the skin and face contour compared ordinary non-woven sheet mask. Natural silk fibers can improve absorption of essences into your skin. Silk's structure is said to be closest to human skin and it's effect is 5 to 10 times better than the regular ones. 

I like using silk mask while working on my computer or watching TV because they cling tightly to your skin and won't slip off. They're very cooling and refreshing especially during hot days. Here are some of the silk mask by My Scheming I bought from Watson during CNY.  Each cost RM6.90 and they're worth every penny (or should I say cent?)  I couldn't resist the cute packaging. 

My Scheming Hyaluronan Acid + Sponge Cucumber Extract Hydrating Silk Mask
 玻尿酸 + 丝瓜水 双效保湿循环蚕丝隐形面膜

Sponge Cucumber is rich in water content and moisturizing properties to improve skin. Along with imported high concentrate hyaluronic acid from Japan, it can form a protective layer on the skin for continuous moisture replenishment and water lock. Refreshing and good absorbency.

My Scheming L-ascorbic Acid + Tranexamic Acid Extract Whitening Silk Mask
左旋C + 明酸 驱黑净白隐形蚕丝面膜

L-ascorbic Acid controls skin dullness and it aids skin defense against UV rays. Together with Tranexamic Acid Extract, they provide twice the whitening effect for the skin. Dullness and uneven skin tone problems can be reduced.

My Scheming  Deep Sea Water + Ice Age Water Extract Moisturizing Silk Mask
海洋水 + 冰河晶粹 双效深沉补水蚕丝隐形面膜

Deep Sea water contains an abundance of minerals and it's similar to skin moisture molecule so they absorb very well into the skin. This mask can provide deep moisture to the skin, locking them in to give the skin a healthy glow. 

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  1. have you tried using them? the mask feels weird! and the slit for the mouth is literally a slit. it feels uncomfortable that my lips are covered by the mask. i threw it away after 10 seconds. :(

    1. Hi there,

      Well, I wouldn't recommend them if I have not tried and liked them. I personally thought the masks are pretty good, adhere well to the skin, the slits does not bothers me, very refreshing and does its job. In fact, I just finished using the first batch and bought more. Of course, I wouldn't expect everyone to have the same preference as mine. What suits my skin might not work the same for others.

      Perhaps you have some other brand of mask you would recommend?