Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Koryo Jeong Korean Restaurant

 Last night we dined at the Koryo Jeong Restaurant at Warisan Square. This one is ran by a friendly Korean couple, the food are always good, which keeps us coming back for more.

Cute stove for grilling.
 Like any other Korean restaurants, diners are served with a variety of appetizers, my favorite are the greens.
Preserved bitter gourd,  greens, Kimchi and some shredded sausage thingy. 

What we ordered:
Korean Style Bacon, a must ordered every time we dined here. You can see a piece of fat (top right hand corner) was used to oil the grill before the bacon was placed on it. 
Korean style bacon- RM28

Korean Style BBQ Beef- RM30

Stone Pot Bibimbap- RM20
Mix well together with sesame oil and hot sauce

Short Rib soup- RM20

This is the rice that goes with the Short rib soup.
 They usually served white rice, but this time its brown rice mixed with barley. The owners did asked us if that was okay.
Bacon is done and cut into pieces.

The Korean Style bacon.

The bacon taste best with this Sesame oil with salt and pepper dip.

Chilled buckwheat noodle- RM22
Green Onion Pancake- RM18
The meal was great as usual, however due to the shortage of workers, there may be a short delay. Fortunately we are not that hungry at that time, so its fine with us. The humble owners kept apologizing about the wait and promised better service next time. We're not going to hold that against them, good food are worth the wait. Here are some of the other dishes we ordered last time, which I didn't yet have a chance to post:
Kimchi, greens, radishes, been sprouts and cucumbers

Ginseng chicken soup

Look at the ginormous ginseng

A light sprinkling of salt makes the ginseng go down easier

Do go give them a try if you have the chance.

Lots of love,
Lady G

Koryo Jeong Korean Restaurant
B-01-09, 1st Floor, Block B, Warisan Square
Tel/Fax: +(6088) 448860
(Opposite SASA)

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