Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Wisma Food Court

Had a late breakfast yesterday at Wisma Food Court, for those who has not visited Wisma, you would be surprised by the new interior of the place. Many of the old stalls had moved away and was replaced by new vendors, you can still find the same food at these new stalls like western food, chicken rice, Chap Fan, Malay mix rice and such, however, the taste are all different now. The interior design has a oldies vibe which takes you back to the good old days, there are many details that can be seen around the food court now.

I used to go there often during my college days with my class mates, we would usually order Ban Mien, I never tried any other Ban Mien except from one of the stalls there. So after they moved away, I have desperately tried to find a replacement for my Ban Mien cravings, I have found one in Inanam, will blog about it in the near future. But if anyone knew where the previous Ban Mien stall moved to, please, please tell me, I missed their seafood soup base. Another one of the stalls I frequented is the Malay rice stall near the exit, their baby kailan is my absolute favorite, I have not find a restaurant that cooked a better kailan. Me and my classmate would happily devour a plate of rice with nothing but kailan as accompaniment. Alas, they moved away after the renovation, wonder where they are now, I hungered for a good kailan. I knew the vegetarian stall moved to Gaya street together with 5 Star Chicken Rice and the drinks stall, while the Western Food stall- Burger and Pizza moved over to the new food court, also on the same floor as this food court. (will blog about that as well, do be patient)

Have I bored you with my ramblings? Go on, you may now feast your eyes with some pictures I've taken.

Love this the most

Gas lamps

 The portion of the fish and chips are huge.
Fish and Chips

Chicken rice, so-so to my standards. I still prefer the previous chicken rice stall from 5 Star Chicken Rice. They moved to Gaya Street and has opened a few other branches in Suria Sabah and City Mall...
Chicken Rice

As for the fried dumpling, the fillings could be more generous, but overall, it is tasty enough. The stall owner's young son was quite hardworking, trying to get people to order their dumplings. He might be around 8 to 9 years old, quite chubby and adorable, we couldn't resist ordering from him.
Fried dumplings

Lots of love,
Lady G

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