Monday, 27 February 2012

Secret Recipe

Meet up with my best friend from high school, there are supposed to be more but they bailed  out last minute. But that's okay, we still had fun just the two of us, we have not seen each other for a long time, it feels a little awkward at first but luckily we warmed up in a while. It was only a few days after my birthday lunch here, but I'm back again, just because this is the most strategic location to meet up and not get lost, I have absolutely no sense of direction, and neither does she.

While waiting for her to arrive

Nice,natural lighting perfect for shoots

Taste wise was so-so only, there isn't enough flavor or texture to the bite.

Try something new for drinks, Appletiser

Apple+ appetizer geddit?
I like this, its a nice refreshing sparkling apple juice, not too sweet. They have red-apple appletiser too, I prefer the green.
Chocolate-banana cake
We ordered two slices to share. Banana chocolate, thick chocolate spread on top, light fluffy cake and smooth cream. Nice, but not as nice as my chocolate indulgence cake.
Mango delight
While confirming the names of Secret Recipe cakes from their website, I saw a creme brulee cake, so tempted to try it... Pecan Butterscotch cake..., Strawberry Marshmallow Cheese cake...omg, I need a trip to Secret Recipe, nao!
Stir fried soba or something
I have always wanted to try this one, but its a bit of a disappointment to me. I expect something light with natural sweetness of the various ingredients in it. But this was too heavy with Maggie soy sauce, and the shredded chicken stated on the menu was replaced with ham. Its not what I expect, but I think I can cook a better version of it.

Usagi Earrings <3 How cute.

Her bag is cute too

So are her sandals <3
My friend Lady S here does have good taste in accessories, doesn't she. How would you guys like it if I start doing  outfit post in this blog?

p/s: I know I haven't been blogging for eons of years, I was really super duper busy with work and studies and a whole bunch of stuff too, I barely have time for blogging. I have 3 assignments 1 week away to complete and I haven't started anything yet. Wish me luck <3


  1. Yup d bag is cute....
    I like d secret recipe tiramisu cake.....Wonder is still good...
    Wish u luck ya.....

    1. I'm sure the quality is still under strict control, worry not. Thanks for the well wishes :)

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks Metizeu, I'm already half way through the first assignment now. Fingers crossed for the rest to complete.

  3. Yes! Outfit posts would be perfect! Can't wait. :))
    The cake pieces look yummy, I've never eaten a cake with mango in it.
    I wish you luck, you'll do fine :))

    1. Yay! Thanks for the support, I hope I can start one very soon.
      Perhaps you could bake a mango cake with your skills :)

  4. and if with Citibank card you can have a piece of cake for free if your bill is more than rm50.

    1. Aww...Too bad I'm not a Citibank card holder :(
      But that's okay, I'll pay my way for a cake anyway. LOL.