Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Mee Ngar

I have a sudden craving for sweets and snacks, Mee Ngar is the first place I thought of that could satisfy my cravings, since they have a wide selection of cakes, desserts and snacks, no doubt they're a heaven for a greedy person like me.
Chee Cheong Fun
 Chee Cheong Fun or pig intestine rice noodle roll, it was named as such because the rice noodle roll resembles pig intestines but generally no pork is added in the rolls, however you may find these cheong fun served with shrimps or Char Siew (barbecued pork) in some restaurants. Packaged cheong fun sold in breakfast stalls usually does not have any accompaniment ingredients other than the savory sweet sauce.
Packet chicken rice
Packet chicken rice is rather nice in my opinion (I was always told I have weird taste in food so don't take me too seriously) There are just a wee bit of chicken pieces but its okay, I'm more of a rice person and whenever I ate Chicken rice, its the rice I cared about. If you're a chicken person, you may not like this very much. To make up for the few pieces of chicken, there is a huge piece of egg omelet which I loved. Egg with chicken rice is rarely heard of in KK.
Burger and egg mayo sandwich
 Burger is passable and egg mayo is nice. I don't usually eat egg mayo because I don't like the overwhelming amount of mayo in most of the sandwich, its nauseating especially I'm not too fond of mayonnaise myself. But I liked Mee Ngar's egg mayo sandwiches because they added a decent amount of salt and pepper to balance out the mayo taste, yums. I declared that Egg mayo sandwiches must have salt and pepper in it.
Meringue and Portuguese egg tart
 Meringue does not look as nice as usual, the standards seems to have dropped a little since the last time I'm here. The meringue are usually a lot more generous than this and the cake base a little more fluffier. Maybe it has just opened after the Chinese New Year last week, maybe the standard will go up again after this. The taste is still there though the texture of the base is a little too dry and crumbly. Portuguese egg tarts are rather nice, not too sweet and the pastry is just right for my preference, not too flaky that its difficult to eat but not too hard either. Pastry that flakes everywhere or fall apart in your hand is a no-no to me, they tends to get stuck in your teeth. Do not eat a flaky pastry on a first date, no one could do it with grace as yet.
Chocolate brownies and cheese cake
I left the brownies for almost 3 days and it has become rather dry in the refrigerator, I tried steaming it back to life over the stove, it was edible but the moisture level was not easily replenished. Cheese cake is yummy, soft, fluffy and creamy. They have a flan-like cake which is my favorite, I bought it once but has never seen it after that, I hope they continue to make it. The kaya bun which is triangular in shape is also a nice one, I didn't see any that day, though. Its a great place for afternoon tea and you'd be spoilt with choice with the huge selection they have.

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  1. I miss their Cow Dunk Tart!


    1. I love cow dung tarts too. Pardon the unsavory name, but these tarts are delish!

  2. the look of the food. Hungry

    1. I'm always hungry, lols. Especially for snacks.

  3. Burger looks YUMMY....
    previously i dont like to eat portugese egg tart....
    But ever since i tried at Macau ... it become my fav snack..
    but i couldn't find as good in M'sia..
    i tried KFC portugese tart.. it is good though...

    1. Yes, Macau is said to be famous for their Portuguese egg tarts due to the Portugal influences left over since their colonial in Macau. Its difficult to find good ones nowadays, many business tends to scrimp on the good stuff, seriously, an egg tart without eggs in it? It's like bah kut teh without pork. I've never tried KFC's egg tart, I didn't think they have it here in Sabah before.