Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Can't have enough of Miso

Dining at Miso again, we have been there quite a few times as you can see from my previous blog post about them. I like the ambiance there, and you can always bet on it that there is a table available for you (hehe, exclusive).

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Miso Japanese Restaurant 1
Miso Japanese Restaurant 2
Miso Japanese Restaurant 3
Kimchi Fried Rice

Stuff from the Dobin Mushi

Soft Shell Crab handroll

Shake Shiyaki
Salt grilled salmon, awesome as usual <3
Chilled green tea soba with fried tempura seafood. Perfect for hot days where you have no appetite.


  1. i would love the kimchi fried rice. looks prefectly done

    1. Oh yes it is, the rice separates without clumping together and the generous amount of ingredients inside literally made my mouth waters.