Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Buffet lunch at Tanjung Aru Beach Hotel

A private gathering earlier this year after some family matters. Tanjung Aru Beach Hotel is a nice place, very relaxing and overseas the ocean. I love hotels/resorts and wished I work in one, it must be fun to go to such a grand and relaxing place everyday and meet all sorts of people.

Colorful assemble
 I took pains to select a vibrant platter, I love how the colors turns out.

Smoked salmon and olives on top of a bed of green and purple lettuce and vinaigrette dressing.
Sushi and barbecued chicken Char Siew
 The Barbecued chicken Char Siew is rather good, sushi is nice enough but nothing to shout about.
Bun with tuna spread and raw fish
The buns made a nice presentation but is rather common in taste, you could easily make these for home parties with a sliced open bun, a piece of lettuce and tuna spread. There are a whole range of sashimi like Salmon, red snapper and others which does not interest me much, I only like butter fish sashimi. I don't remember what is this pink sashimi already.
Dessert and snack platter
 Less colorful assemble, but most of the desserts are good. I'm starving now and regretted that I didn't go back for second or thirds that day.
Lemon meringue tart and bread pudding
 Lemon meringue tart is okay, but not as good as the yummy bread pudding. Its on par with our own bread pudding. Except this does not have peaches and was served with a nice cold cream.
Miniature pizza, chocolate brownies (?) and eclair
I remember the miniature pizza as dry and the taste is pretty forgettable, chocolate brownies or cake is heavenly, the photo does not do it justice at all, the eclair is pretty nice too, chewy with a nice creamy spread inside.
Dim Sum and Miniature pizza
 The dim sum is rather forgettable as well, I'm sure I'm not the one who has said this before, hotel dim sums are usually not as good as proper dim sum places, one of the reason being (psst... no pork) If you want good dim sum, you must go to non-halal restaurants. New Wong Kwok is one of the good ones in town. Or Royal China, however I'm disappointed with R.C's service when I went there the last two times, next time I'll go to Foo Phing instead.
 Slightly watery, taste is so-so only.
Almond pudding with lychee
This one is nice, not too sweet and the pudding really does taste and smell like almond essence. Unlike some places who served a few cubes of white agar with no taste and called it almond pudding.

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  1. Very nice buffet by Beach Hotel. :)

    And foo phing... I just went there last week, and it was disappointing, their quality just drop drastically, which make it worst than the normal restaurant served. :/

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    1. Oh dear, that's too bad, its has been a long while since I've been to Foo Phing. Maybe I should reconsider going there. Thanks for the warning, Meitzeu.