Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Cawan @ Bundusan Plaza

I'm a glutton when it comes to delicacies, that's what happened when I faced the delicacies selection at places such as Mee Ngar and Cawan- greed and a healthy does of curiosity. I wanted to try everything there is, you would too when you see these:
Look how pretty it is, with a leaf plastered on top

Curry Bun
 This is nice, but a tad too spicy for my liking. Filled with curried potatoes.
This is called Anchovies Bun
 Anchovies bun is something new to me but I'm a bit disappointed with this one.
Mango and Blueberry Swiss Rolls
 Both flavor are yummy, I prefer Swiss Roll withjam filling rather than those with cream filling. The mango one is nice.
Cheese Bun
Nothing new, just like your regular savory-sweet cheese bun available everywhere else.