Thursday, 1 September 2011

The Mediterranean Restaurant

Previously known as Golf View Seafood Restaurant and then Atlantis Seafood Restaurant, it is now known as Bundusan Place where the restaurant was divided into 3 parts serving Western cuisine, Malay cuisine and Chinese Cuisine. Not many people knew about this place, there are private functions held there once in a while, but most of the time the place is quiet. The last few times we went there, we can say that we're the only ones who were dining in, I find the food quite good and the pricing are reasonable. It would be a perfect place for young couples on a budget to dine out since its not hard on the wallet. The quiet atmosphere and dimmed lighting is rather romantic, don't you think?

I wrote this post to urge more people to go try them out, *small voice* I think they're not exactly doing well and are struggling to survive.I would really hate to see them gone, so if you're thinking of where to bring your girlfriend on a date, please consider giving them a try. I promise you won't break the bank.

I believe they still have complimentary free drinks and buy one free one pizza. Make sure to ask, it's really worth it. Sorry for the bad lighting

Ignore the lizard, the other picture have even more lizards.

Romantic setting

Complimentary free drinks

Steak and pasta dish

Spinach Ravioli

Smoked Salmon Salad

A closer shot to tempt you

Mediterranean Pizza, couldn't get a shot fast enough before the slices are snatched up

Seafood pizza

Cajun Chicken, well spiced and loved the olives

If western cuisine is not your cup of teh, they served barbecued seafood platter and Chinese seafood outside. You can also enjoy cultural performance like traditional dance and live singers on stage.

I really hoped they can survive.

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