Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Can't have enough of Bella Italia

Bella Italia is one of the place I could go again, again and again.
Not to mention the cute waiters there?

I would always order the same stuff every time I went there: Carbonara Fettucine and Pizza with ham, mushroom and olives. This time I decided to try something different instead.

I had Bolognese spaghetti and the usual pizza plus an egg. (Hey, at least that's a change, small it may be)

Pizza with ham, mushrooms, olives and egg

Pasta Bolognese
One of the best pasta Bolognese I had tried. The other best Bolognese is from a classmate at Creative Writing class, her mom made yummy Bolognese sauce.
Ravioli of the day



  1. Everything looks fresh and tasty and I think the change in your choice and trying something new was a good idea!

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    1. It's good to try something new for a change :)