Sunday, 19 August 2012


I'm no longer working a full time job. Made an arrangement with my employer to work freelance at home instead.
I started this Soho lifestyle since last Friday, the time flexibility is great but I can't help to feel like a jobless person. I still need some time to get use to it.

The good thing about working at home, more freedom in time management. Once I get my day-to-day work done, I get to do what I like. I feel more well rested too. 
I would also get to have more time to focus in my studies, blogging and other projects.

First day of working at home:
The line is head-splitting slow, was using Streamyx RM90 for 512K package but it no longer suits my needs now that I'm working fully at home.
So I made my way to TM point and check out the other packages that might suit me.

For 4 Mbps, it would set me back at RM140 per month. At that time, I'm quite desperate that I'm willing to pay the extra cost for faster speed. I was given a form to fill in, so I brought it home. The staff there said it would take 7 working days to upgrade my line to the new package, my thoughts are:

 "Damn, I have to endure this crappy line for 7 more working days plus 3 public holidays, plus 1 Sunday. I would only get the new upgrades on Tuesday 27th August!!! FML"

On the way back, I saw a purple banner on a lamp post:
"5x faster at RM69 per month"
From P1 Wimax. 

I thought of a friend who is now working as an agent for P1, so I immediately get to him on Line (nice app for free chatting and calls)
He said he can get me connected in just 2 hours. 
I'm sold!


I took the ToGo RM69 plan, with unlimited 4G speed and 6GB usage!
And the best thing is, only RM69 per month!
I upgrade to MF230 modem, so it's RM100 more for initial payment.

MiFi modem
 This one allows you to connect multiple gadgets.
You can even bring it out with you and use it wherever there is strong signal.

My friend told me my place has the best signal, therefore the connectivity is strong and fast!
There is a 7 day cool-off period. If I'm not happy with the results, I can still cancel it within 1 week.
I'm happy with P1 so far, I've got no intention to cancel anytime soon.

He brought me my modem that very night, so grateful for his dedication.
My second day working at home is so much smoother with P1.

Anyone in Kota Kinabalu wants to subscribe to P1, PM me, I'll give you the contacts to my friend, he is awesome!

Fast connectivity makes a happy blogger.

(This is NOT an advertorial)
I just love them so much, I want to give them a boost.


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