Friday, 3 August 2012

It's August

Already the 3rd day of a new month, I have spend the first day in the hospital with my dad. 
He has underwent a gallbladder removal surgery and I stayed with him since 8 in the morning,
I sat at his bedside till the next day taking care of his needs. 

Finally at 10 the next day, I get to go home for a short nap.
Fortunately Dad allowed to come out during my sleep so mum went to fetch him.
I continue my sleep, only waking up for dinner.
For someone who likes to sleep, 24 hours without sleep is no small feat.
I woke up this morning thinking it's still Thursday, but it's not.

Know what I found out during my time at the hospital?
Here goes:
There is another patient in the same room, his TV never get shut off the duration of my time there.
There is Astro TLC Channel on, at first the shows are quite interesting.
Mostly about food.
We never subscribed to Astro coz we have no time to watch TV.

But after watching and listening to the TV the whole day,
I noticed a pattern:
The shows got repeated and repeated and repeated to no end.
I must have gone through each show 4-5 times throughout the night, my brain is ready to barf. 
I shudder just to think of it.

So people basically paid money each month to watch 4-5 shows 4-5 times a day.
*assuming they watch one channel only*
Sure make sense to me.

By the way, Dad is already up and about but he still needed to rest another 2 weeks.
My boss is good enough to let me take a short leave but I'll be back at work on Mondays. 

You might noticed that I start serving Nuffnang ads on my blog now. 
Took me long enough to sign up with them.
I still haven't figure out how to put in the LeaderBoard unit ads,
the instructions said:
Press Ctrl + F and search for "".
I can't find one that looks like the code it shows on the Nuffnang site. 
I wonder if there is some error with the instruction?
 No problem with the Skyscraper and Large Rectangle ads though.
I'm a complete technology Noob, anyone can help?

I also signed up on Tumblr, nothing there yet but will try to update occasionally.
It would be a platform for me to post stuff that interests me from the interwebs.
Maybe you might like to drop by once in a while:

Okay, I'm off to bed again. What a week.


  1. Hope your dad is getting better now. :)

    1. Thanks Meitzeu, he is all better now :)