Monday, 1 October 2012

L'Atelier French Restaurant

Discovered a new French restaurant in town, I wanted to try it since I saw it last month. 
Heard some good reviews from a friend, so here we are. 

Leek and Potato soup RM8
Our new favorite, it could use a bit more flavor though.
(Had to admit I'm guilty of abusing the salt shaker, a bit, just a tiny bit)
Grilled Fish Fillet with Herb Sauce RM35.90
The fish is done perfectly, succulent and  not too flaky. I'm not so used to the herb sauce, it's a bit sweet. I might try the other Pan fried fish with white sauce or their pasta next time. 

French Sausage with Mash RM35.90
Very meaty and flavorful. 

We also tried a Steak Au Poivre RM38.90 but I failed to capture a good shot (my bad). The steak is good, it has a tangy sauce, which taste suspiciously similar to Big Mac Sauce. My sister loves Big Mac, I might be able to persuade to try that. 

Canapes, complimentary from the Kitchen
Little tartlets filled with jam and a walnut. At least I thought it was jam.

Creme Caramel RM8.50
This is really nice, a very creamy texture.

Apple Crumble, also complimentary from the chef
Another dessert on the house, seriously why are they so nice? 

The food is great, the chef is literally running a one-man-show that night, playing the waiter, the cashier and cooking for us too. He made us feel welcomed.

Do support indie business like them, they are located at:

Lot 10, Block F,
Lintas Jaya Uptown, Kepayan
88300 Kota Kinabalu
016-8281712 or 088-725525



  1. Sigh... Why the good food always locate at place so far. -_-

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    1. Yeah, Meitzeu. It's a bit far but totally worth it. Give them a try if you had the chance.

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