Thursday, 18 October 2012

Pancake House

While shopping at 1 Borneo, we happened upon this new restaurant, the large pictures decorating their walls are quite tempting so we decided to dine here, shopping is a hungry business. I didn't have my camera that time, so this is the second time we've been there.  We desperately wanted the Daing na Bangus (Vinegar marinated milkfish) but they are out of fish that day, dang it. 

I later discovered that Pancake House originally started in Philippines, it was more common over there and was only recently being introduced to Sabah. They have a branch at Karamunsing too, right next to KFC. 

They served both traditional and international food, a pancakes, loads of pancakes. 
Shrimp salad

Fried Chicken set, the sauce is very tasty, it's not only good for chicken.

Beef strip cheese pancakes set with sunny side up
 I preferred the one with maple syrup and franks from the first time I ate there. 
Seafood Gambero
 This I love, it's a very simple dish but was surprisingly delicious. 
I'm now partial to pasta with red sauce compare to the white, which I used to like. I need a break from Carbonara and Alfredo occasionally. 
House special set
 Made up with several of the house special in one dish. Tacos, spaghetti, fried chicken and a garlic bread.
Beef tapa
 The beef tapa is very tasty, my dad and brother love this. They ordered it both times. 


p/s: The orange lighting is bad for photography, no amount of editing can save them. Only Pixlr's default effects.

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