Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Dinner at Mosaic, Hyatt

After many months wanting to try out the food at Mosaic, we've finally met the day where parking lots are aplenty right in front of the premise. (Do you have any idea what a bitch it is to find a parking space in that area? especially with Shenanigan in the same building)

We were banging elbows and shifting plates trying to fit everyone's food in there. The tables are wee too small for 4 people to be seated comfortably, methinks. Food is acceptable, ambiance is nice, price is on the high side, since it's a tourist oriented spot. You may not want to bother with drinks since it's pretty expensive in my honest opinion, most of the drinks are around RM15 per glass, you be the judge. Fortunately water is provided by the establishment. Not being the cheapskate here but pricing needs to be reasonable, right?

Complimentary bread platter
Wagyu Beef Burger
Burger patty made of ground-up Wagyu beef was delicious, love the fries that comes with it. 

Margarita Pizza
I've taste better pizza at cheaper prize, was okay, nothing extraordinary about it. 
Tender and flavorful, love the vegetables accompaniment, especially the cherry tomatoes. The sauce is very nice too. 



  1. The steak looks really tempting. :)

    I heard that their ice cream is one of the best seller though.

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  2. look at the wagyu burger..
    I am sure it is deliciously yummy

  3. The burger looks amazing! I'm glad everything was tasty as well - you never know until you try right?

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  4. Hey Ya,

    Any updates on ur braces?