Sunday, 27 January 2013

How I ate Instant Noodles

My friends knew I'm fond of instant noodles. I know it's not good to eat instant noodles all the time but when there is nothing to eat in the house, one have no choice but cook one of these. Brilliant invention by Momofuku Ando, founder of Nissin in 1958.

 Although my resolution this year is eating less junk, I intend to stick to it. Instant noodles is something I'm going to cut down on, other junks like processed food, soft drinks, fast food and snacks too. However this resolution is more difficult to keep than I imagined. I do try to add some nutritional value to my instant noodles.

This bowl of noodle is the ultimate blend of East meets West. Western Omelette and Cheese, Japanese Instant Noodles from Nissin and Korean Kelp. My sister made this for me on her day off, usually I would just throw the egg in while the noodles are cooking to make a poached egg.

The egg is a source of protein, the cheese has calcium, kelp is a good source of dietary fiber, there are also bits of carrots and mushroom in the kelp mix. Not sure if it helps, I hope the additional ingredients help make the instant noodles a little healthier.


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