Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Nasi Lemak

Have I told you I love Nasi Lemak. I like the type that is wrapped in banana leaf and was sold for RM1.50 to RM2 better. 

My breakfast yesterday:

Not the best Nasi Lemak I've tasted, the anchovies are really salty, like salted fish and the egg is only a tiny sliver, I think they divided the egg by 10 parts. That stingy huh. 

My favorite Nasi Lemak is none other that the one from Bits and Bites, Wisma Merdeka. I haven't got the chance to eat their Nasi Lemak for a long time, I really missed it. The rice so fragrant with coconut milk, the sambal, flavorful but not too spicy, the anchovies are savory sweet, even the fried peanuts left its fragrance in your mouth long after you took your last bite. Oh yes, and they never ever scrimp on the half boiled egg, don't you think the egg is an important part in a Nasi Lemak? I do, in fact, that's my favoritest part while eating Nasi Lemak. 

 I'm craving for it now, but they sold out very early. They used to open on Sundays, but not anymore, which make eating their Nasi Lemak even more difficult. Anyone who knew Bits and Bites sure would not need me to recommend the awesome chicken pie or chicken puffs, the cupcakes and kuih batik are also delicious. 



  1. Thank Goodness I just had nice Nasi Lemak for lunch else I'll be drooling over your pix!