Thursday, 6 October 2011

Heng Loong

*Warning: The first paragraph may or may not be relevant. Skip it if you like.
As I say I was desperately craving for Siew Loong Bao's and Lao Shar Bao, all I thought about is these two. You might be bored about me singing praises for my love within the last 2 blogs, bear with me for a while. I have this weird habit: If I liked something, I'll eat it everyday till I get absolutely sick of it. This is not my worst moments: During college times, I would eat KFC cheesy wedges almost everyday (now I'm still a teensy bit phobic about it), those were the times I could afford to do so, since I walk very far to take a bus after school, the excess calories get burned off easily. And another obsession is this Super-super awesome Chicken pie from Bits and Bites, Wisma Merdeka. It was positively the best ever chicken pie I've ever tasted, creamy chicken with mushroom and green peas, yums. Of course, I ate that everyday for almost 1/2 year of schooling, but when I came back from school break, I couldn't touch that stuff for the rest of the year.  Ah, forgive my rambling, I'll get to the point.

I always love Heng Loong at Warisan Square, but that day we happen to be in 1 Borneo. I didn't know there is a branch at 1 Borneo at first (It's next to the toilet at ground floor, btw) The interior design is just ordinary, not as grand and fancy as the Heng Loong at Warisan. Here it was slightly dim, with forgettable furniture and decorations. They serve many similar dishes, but there were also some that were not available at the other branch.

I ordered my favorite Chicken and scallop double boiled soup, Siew Loong Bao, Lao Shar Bao and a small variety of dim sums. The rest ordered La Mien (pulled noodles) while my Dad ordered a steamed rice with salted pork patty. The food were all decent, maybe I'm being biased, but I think the branch over at Warisan serves better food. However, my Dad said there were not much difference. You be the judge.

Deep fried ribs


Siew Mai

Har Gao

My favorite Chicken and scallop soup

Siew Loong Bao


My favorite vinegar dip

Some sort of dim sum.

Steamed rice with pork patty

Salted pork patty

The rice infused with some broth and Chinese cabbage*
 Not I say one, my sister say one.
Siew Loong Bao. *swoons*
Nope, I'm still not bored with these two items. I suspected that I ordered Siew Loong Bao just to have the vinegar dip.

By the way, RIP Steve Job.
*An image I borrowed from a friend's facebook uploads, I do not know the actual source of the picture, if you do, please inform me so I can properly give credit as due. If this image belongs to you and would like it taken down, just leave a comment.


  1. you really love your xiaolongbaos huh hehehe

  2. Sonia: Thank you. Although my photography skill still needs more practice.

    Rita: I do love Xiaolongbaos! LOL

  3. Small Kucing: Dim Sums, FTW! Thanks for dropping by :)