Sunday, 29 July 2012

Bintulu Korean Restaurant

Bintulu Korean Restaurant at Lintas
This is my favorite place to have Korean food and it's also the one of the first place I wanted to blog about
but it's getting exceedingly difficult to get seats there since they are always full on weekends
Both local as well as Koreans like to dine there

This best dish is the Beef Bulgogi
Most Korean Restaurant's bulgogi come ready made in a stone pot
Not Here
Their beef bulgogi is cooked on the spot:
Almost there

And done!
 The sauce mix together with hot rice is the best darn thing in the world. 

Beef Ribs soup
 The amount of beef given is beyond generous, the soup is light, sweet and refreshing

 I never eat this, but the rest of my family said its good
Popiah filled with meat inside
 You can hardly find these fried food in other Korean Restaurant, I've only seen Bintulu offering this on their menu
I have went to practically all Korean Restaurant in KK, except the one near Likas and 1 Borneo
Read all my reviews here: 

There is another on at Tanjung Aru I haven't blog about yet. Went to Sappul at City Mall and the one near Merdeka Supermarket before too but can't recall if I took any pictures. Any Korean place that is good?

Crab meat stick with cheese wrapped in seaweed and deep fried
 This one is a guilty indulgence. 

Saved some to tapau for my sister, she's working night shift now
The yellow egg thing is a must try dish, I remember I took a picture but no idea where its gone.
Its an omelet with fish in it.
I wanted to dine there again, the food is so good. 


Update 20th August 2012:
Went to Bintulu again yesterday, we waited for half and hour and no one came to clear the dirty tables, nor bring us the menu. They said they open till 11pm and we were there at 9pm, the boss just turn a blind eye on us, as if he couldn't see us.

 This is not the first time it happens, but we decided to give them a second chance.
However we are sorely disappointed.

If you don't want to serve us, at least come over and inform us, rather than let us wait there. Your food maybe good, but your service sucks.
This will be the last time we will return there.

Dear readers, if you want good food and good service, please go to Koryo Jeong at Warisan Square.
The husband and wife owner are the most friendly people in the business.

One time when we planned to dine there, but there were too much people. They personally came outside the restaurant and asked us not to leave yet while they quickly clear the tables.

The lack of staffs does not affect their quality of service and food.
They also made it a point to converse with the customers whenever possible, it made us feel welcomed.

Enough of cold, indifferent customer service from Bintulu.



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