Saturday, 30 March 2013

Bella Italia

I discovered a new menu at Bella Italia, Jesselton. 
However I'm sad because some of my favorite items are no longer in the menu. The pizza and pasta selection was cut down, we didn't have as much choice as before.

 Some of the items they in the new menu:

Main Course:
Chicken Cacciatore serve with Potato Gnocchi RM25
Grilled Salmon RM42
Naked Fish and Chips RM39
Filet Mignon RM80
Chicken Shawarma RM23

Tomato Basil RM15
Turkish Ravioli RM30
Roasted Pumpkin and Fusili RM20
Pasta a la Norma RM21

Vintage Plates:
Hainanese Chicken Rice RM25
Mami Martha's Jesselton Chicken Curry RM23

Mami Martha's Jesselton Chicken Curry RM23
 It was served with white rice, but the rice wasn't cooked through. However the nice people from the kitchen send out a complimentary Tiramisu as compensation.

Turkish Ravioli RM30

 Small beef-filled ravioli in garlic yogurt sauce, quite nice, very creamy. 

Chicken Cacciatore served with Potato Gnocchi RM25
 I have no idea what is Cacciatore, but the Potato Gnocchi sound promising. However, the Gnocchi doesn't live up to my expectations, the chicken could use a bit more flavor. The tomatoes are the only thing that I love in this entire dish, very flavorful. 

Meat Lover's pizza
It has steak, sausages and more meat. However I feel that this pizza is rather disappointing, the steak is not flavorful, the sausages taste like the cheap sort, and the crust is soggy. I can only manage one slice. 
 I would order my usual mushroom and ham pizza but it's no longer on the menu. 

Verdict: I think there is a serious decline in the food standards at Bella Italia, the Hainanese Chicken Rice which used to be a favorite of the family is now plain bad, it just wasn't worth the RM25 pricing anymore. There are excellent chicken rice outside which cost less than RM10, if Bella wanted to charge 'high end' price for it, they need to make sure it's really up to standards. 

The waitress serving us was really sweet and efficient, though. 


p/s: Rumor has it that there has been a change of owners, however no sources can confirm this yet. 


  1. yummY~ =D

    Regards, (A Growing Teenager Diary) ..

  2. Awesome. I like Bella Italia. The foods is awesome. And the satffs is nice and friendly as well.