Friday, 29 March 2013

Tip for Braces-Wearer #1

You know how important it is to floss your teeth after meals, it's even more so when you're wearing braces. For those who tried to use ordinary dental floss to clean teeth with braces, you'll know what a pain in the arse that could be. Some people might eventually give up and forgo flossing because it's too much trouble, not to mention tiring. That is an absolute no-no!

Here is a tip to make flossing a much easier affair: Dental flossers to the rescue!

You can get these from Watson and Guardian, some pharmacies carry them as well. They usually come in a pack of 50. Quite affordable, in my opinion. Think of the convenience and time saving you can get out of these babies.

Of course, these are awesome for non-braces wearers  too. Once you start using these, you will never reach for another toothpick or dental floss again.

They floss much easier and faster compared to ordinary dental floss, and it can reach into every nook and cranny, extracting every bit of 'leftovers' to prevent cavities.

Speaking from experience, I think these works just as well compared to using the flossers prescribed by your orthodontists. However, I'm may not be completely right, since I'm no orthodontists, but it sure beats not flossing at all, amiright?

Hope this helps you in your journey to straighter, healthier teeth!


p/s: If you have any tips, do share in the comments below. I would dearly love to hear from you'all. 

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