Sunday, 22 January 2012

Kenny Rogers Roasters

After a session of broke back shopping at the Popular Book Sale in 1 Borneo 2011. We've stopped by at the nearest Kenny Rogers Roaster's for a quick lunch. Also to rest our aching feet and back from carrying all that books. Seriously, the only times I ever thought, "I need a man" is always during book sales, I need someone to carry all those books for me while I dig through the piles of discounted books, of course, to foot the bill in the end of the day (hehehe) But never mind, so far I've survived countless book sales without a man, other than Daddy dearest, to whom I'm most grateful of his support for my love of books, although he would sometimes make me carry all those stuff by myself, oh well, I'm not complaining. If you're reading this now Daddy, I lapiu <3.

Alright, since we weren't really that hungry yet, we've only ordered something light.

Iced Lemon Tea

Spaghetti Bolognese

Roasted chicken drumstick with rice

Roasted chicken drumstick with macaroni


  1. Hehe, sounds like you really love books!
    You don't need a man to carry them, a nice rolling bag will do the job :D

    oh, I love bolognese <3

    1. I do love books very much, I'd be sure to bring one of those strollers whenever I visit another book fair :) I do love bolognese too!