Friday, 27 January 2012

Brooklyn at 1 Borneo

After Tea Box, we walked around the mall and end up at Brooklyn some times later, so we decided to stop in and have a quick lunch. It might be a nice location to throw a birthday party since the place is huge and can seat many people, not that I'm planning to throw a party or anything, its just a suggestion for anyone who might be interested. To read my previous post on this place, click Here. I think the photo quality is slightly better than the last time.
Double Cheese and Ham Sandwich RM12.90
The classic sandwich with ham and cheese, served together with salad on the side.
Beef Bacon Seafood Pizza RM18.90
This Pizza is nice and flavorful, although the shrimp is rather small.

Hawaii Teriyaki Burger RM18.50
Burger with nice beef patties served with teriyaki sauce, pineapples and fries,  lots of fries.
Original Coney Island Cheese Dog RM15.50
Hot dogs topped with bolognese meat sauce and cheese, served with fries and bits of salad.
Pan Fried Dory Fish RM24.80
Pan Fried Dory on top of a bed of mashed potatoes and salad, the sauce is too salty in my opinion. But overall, its passable.

Waffles with Peach and Ice-cream RM10.90
How can we say no to good ole Waffles with Peach and Ice-cream, a must order whenever we're there. Yums.

G838, Ground Floor, 1 Borneo,
Jln Sulaman ,Kota Kinabalu

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