Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Tea Box at 1 Borneo

While waiting for my sis and mom outside of Kaison, I decided to sit down for a short tea break nearby, there are Mario's Pizza, VedaBlu and TeaBox. I planned to have Mario's but I thought of having a proper lunch soon, so that one is out. Then I wandered over to VedaBlu, but they didn't have my favorite flavor- Pepito (It's been a while, what happened VedaBlu?), they do have a new flavor called Bambangan or Wild Mangoes that is favored by the Sabah Kadazandusun natives, sounds interesting but maybe next time.

In the end, Tea Box it is, I've never actually tried Tea Box before so I settled for a Vanilla Creme Frappe. I love the subtle vanilla flavor within the milky slush, nice. Pricing is rather reasonable too. Maybe I would try the Peppermint Frappe, Green Milk Tea, Vanilla/Peppermint Latte next time. My Dad might like the Mango Frappe, he is very fond of mangoes.

p/s: Pictures edited with Picnik to give a Lomo-ish look to it, I wanted to make it look more interesting, do tell me if you found it too O.T.T.


  1. I passes by it/ saw it whenever I visit 1B, wanted to try it, but didn't managed to.

    Maybe next time. :)

    Thank you for being supportive o~~ :)


    1. It's a good place to get a drink while shopping around :)

  2. I love a great tea and the right hint of vanilla is perfect!

    Chic 'n Cheap Living

    1. Absolutely <3, I'm craving it again right now.