Friday, 13 January 2012


Meet up with some friends again, this time they're coming down from Sandakan and Lawas. This is 2 weeks before my diploma graduation ceremony that was held on December 5th this year, although we have already left college for more than 3 years. They didn't have enough students in our batch to hold a proper graduation ceremony, so we're having it this time together with our juniors.

I love going to Toscani's, the outdoor lighting is absolutely perfect for food photography, photo's taken here turned out really good. Check out the previous post: Toscani's Waterfront. This time, its even better cause a pro is in attendance. It was nice to lunch with like-minded people, once the food arrives, everyone took out their smartphones and me, my camera to snap a picture of the food. It's awesome, no one waiting impatiently for me to finish photographing so they can eat.

Photographing colorful food are better than eating it, sometimes.The funny thing is when the bill was brought to us, I whipped up my calculator (the Casio ones we used in high school, almost every student have one of those) and everyone laughs. I brought my calculator with me, easier when it comes to splitting the bills cause I don't trust my mathematical skills, the funnier thing about it is that I still managed to calculate wrongly even while using a calculators, and the funniest thing to top it all is when everyone put our heads together busily punching numbers into their own phones and still got it all wrong anyway. My friend exclaim, this is truly a generation relying heavily on technology, without these gadgets, what will become of us? In the end, one of us took charge and finally manages split the bill accurately. All this while, the waiter is waiting for us nearby.

Esprit Lemon Lime

1 dozen of cheese baked mussels

This one is taken by a pro

Salmon Penne
Color quality is really good, I want to post everything.

My seafood penne
Below are some of the test shots taken by the pro with my camera, I kept them to study his skills, all of them are mussel shots, emphasizing on aperture priority.

That's me behind the vegetable, my skin look so white *vain*


  1. Gosh...the 1st and 2nd pic is killing the drink and the mussel

  2. Mmm~ Looks yummy! :) I went there for juice session once during the night. Very nice feeling there.

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  3. Looks like u'd fun! The food looks appetizing especially the cheesy mussels. Yum!

  4. Small Kucing: Everything tasted lovely. :)

    Meitzeu: Yeah, the place has a nice ambiance.

    Blackswan: The cheesy mussels are pretty nice with chewy cheese.