Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Toscani's Water Front

A gathering between ex-classmates from college. Our class only have 7 student throughout the term. This time only 4 classmates including myself manages to make it. We chose Toscani's at Waterfront, which serves decent Italian food. When I was going to take a picture of their signboard below, there is a fake watch salesman standing in the way, I had to wait till he leaves before taking a shot of it. The food are rather good.

 Previously I only drank their raspberry flavor, I'm giving this Lemon Lime a try. I loved it. Fizzy sparkling water.
Lemon Lime and Passionfruit

Apple Juice

A bit bland and tasteless.
 This spaghetti dish looks very attractive, but too bad it's a bit tasteless, it was fine on other times, but somehow their quality is a bit off this time.
 Planned to order this, but decide to get something else so we would have a variety of dishes to try from. This is awesome, I must order this next time. However, prawns are difficult to eat without using fingers.
 The sauce could be a little more thicker and less diluted, but overall, its a rather nice dish. I just realize all 3 of them ordered something with seafood in it, except for me.
 I ate most of this pizza, the rest of the girls couldn't eat anymore. 3 of them ate one slice per person, while the rest went in my tummy. Yeah, I may look petite and skinny, but my appetite is truly shocking. Look at those huge slices of ham, other restaurants chopped up their ham into small squares, but not Toscani.
I chose lasagna, it has stringy cheese hidden beneath the surface, rather nice but its a bit too diluted without the firm texture of pasta.

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