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Adele Blanc-Sec

Just finished watching Les aventures extraordinaires d'Adèle Blanc-Sec (The Extraordinary Adventures of Adele Blanc-Sec, Rise of the Mummy) 

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This is not a new movie, it was released at 2010, I'm not sure if many people has seen it before cause it wasn't well promoted in Malaysia. I do admit the kind of movies I'm interested in tends to be the less mainstream ones. I almost never watched the popular ones, but I intend to remedy that. Finally gotten my hands on 'The Young Victoria" after many desperate search, tomorrow I'll watch that. 
Adele Blanc-Sec, impossible not to love
How do you say move or you're dead in Arabic? 
I love the way she wore the lace shirt underneath her sturdy vest.
Even her exploring outfit is chic, paired with lace shirt underneath and the pretty hat with long scarf

Transporting the mummy back to France

Surprisingly they have phones in cabs
Well, I like anything that has to do with Mummies or Egyptology, I thought this would be an interesting movie, although mummies are not exactly the main point of this movie, but yet it does not disappoint. It was adapted by a comic book of the same name by Jacques Tardi, the movie was in french but I was able to get through with the English subtitles. 
I want this coat so badly! 
Set in the 20th Century, a young, dashing reporter Adele Blanc-Sec, set out to Egypt to find the mummy of Rameses II's physician. She thought with the help of Professor Espérandieu who practice telepathic techniques, can revive the physician so he could use his knowledge to heal her comatose sister. 

This is Professor Esperandieu, a genius
Adele brought the mummy back to her home but discovered Professor Espérandieu was captured and sentenced to a death row because of his experiments in reviving a 136 million year old Pterosaur from its egg at the museum (Galerie de paléontologie et d'anatomie comparée) The Pterosaur sighting had caused the death of 3 people, therefore Professor Espérandieu was held responsible. 

The President of France considered the Pterosaur case to be held at upmost importance, but was pushed down the power chain to Inspector Caponi. At first the President only said 'to keep him updated on the case." but somehow while the message was passed down, the message became "the case need to be resolved within 72 hours", and then to the next person, "48 hours", and when the message reached Caponi, he was expected to solve the case within "24 hours". How reliable, this grapevine. 
Not too fond on the ostrich plumes, but the dress underneath is da bomb
Unwilling to give up the tiniest shred of hope to save her sister, Adele had tried various disguise to sneak into  the prison where the Professor was held, in order to free him. But to no avail, to be more specific, she was busted and was tossed out. The funny part is when she finally gotten a chance to free the Professor, he told her to come back later as he needed to rest for a bit. 
Agathe and Adele's tennis outfit are lovely

Oh, the lace details on the dresses
Alas, the Professor was dragged off to the guillotine but fortunately Adele came swooping down on the Pterosaur and saved him from being beheaded at the nick of time. However, when hunter  Justin de Saint-Huber who was engaged by Inspector Caponi took down the Pterosaur, Professor Espérandieu also feels the pinch, I mean, gun wound, cause they are somewhat connected when the Pterosaur was revived. Difficult to explain, go watch the movie. 

Before the Professor breath his last, he manage to help Adele revived the mummy, but he wasn't who she expected to be. Instead of the Pharaoh's physician, he got his nuclear physicists- Patmosis. No help for Adele there, but Patmosis was willing to help out by reviving the mummies at the  Musée du Louvre, including the Pharaoh and his physician. 

Look at the details on the coat
Oh the disguises she's willing to put on to get Professor Esperandieu out of lock-up

Wolves in sheep's clothing, literally
With the physician's advanced medical technique, the mummies are able to bring Adele's sister, Agathe from her comatose. While the two sisters reunite, the Pharaoh and his court went out to the streets for some air, and marvel at the architecture there. No doubt the sighting of the mummies caused another stir similar to the Pterosaur incident earlier. Inspector Caponi was once again embroiled in a tough situation. 

The end saw Adele boarding a ship for a much needed vacation, unbeknownst to her, her arch nemesis Professor Dieuleveut had sent his men to get rid of her. The scene later showed that she had boarded upon the HMS Titanic. Sooo, that is why the Titanic hit an iceberg at full speed and sunk? It all made sense now. 

Other than the humor in the movie, I love the costumes that Adele wore throughout. I don't quite fancy the hats, but the dresses are breathtakingly gorgeous. I love the lace shirts, the sleek vest and skirt ensemble, the wonderful details on her coats. What wouldn't I give to have her wardrobe? 
I especially love this dress
*I couldn't help humming Adele's Someone Like You while writing this post, for some reasons.
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*** I also find Adele reminds me of Molly from Still Alive to Eat More Cakes


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