Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Fifty Shades of Grey

Who hasn't heard of Fifty Shades of Grey by E.L James?

There have certainly been many mixed reviews on this Trilogy series:
Some love it, some hated it, some just finds it meh

I have read it a couple months back, and I have to admit
I like it a lot. 

Although the writing style is nowhere near literature worthy, but the whole story line is very entertaining.
I absolutely couldn't put it down, its fast paced and easy to read.
 I'm particularly intrigued with the characters.
Okay, fine.One character, the lead:
"Christian Grey, CEO, Grey Enterprises Holdings, Inc."

Oh my, Christian Grey. What is not to like? 
He is young, handsome, charismatic, plus rich, plus successful, he is also mighty generous with his money.
He could fly a chopper, play the piano, fly a glider, steer a Yatch, design boats and bring up his own enterprise(s) single handed by the age of 27. That is without even completing his university degree.
Not to mention his ahem, sexual prowess. 

It's no wonder Anastasia Grey is willing to overlook the 50 Shades of fucked-up that made up that guy.
He tends to be stalker-ish and bossy, which seems fine in fantasy, but sure as hell not okay in real life. 
In fact, that would put me in a run-screaming-into-the-night kind of freak out mode. 
Somethings are best stuck in between pages. 
At least its logical in some ways, no one can be that perfect without something wrong with them.

While I love Christian Grey, but I find the character Anastasia Steel feels a bit, hmm, weak. 
The male lead is everything a women wants in a man, but I do wish the author made her just as exciting.

There are very few remarkable things about Anastasia Steel, 
she describe herself as plain, gawky and clumsy, although the male lead find her extremely beautiful. 
How did someone that beautiful could have such low esteem and such low opinion of herself?
Either Christian Grey needs some new contact lens, or Anastasia is just being incredible humble. 
Okay, to give her some credit, she did graduate from WSU Vancouver, in English Lit. 
And she is not a gold digger, extra brownie points.
Okay fine, she is kinda brave too for risking her life to save Mia from that bastard.
Also she can cook, where Christian Grey could not. 

Her friend, Katherine Kavanagh is a lot more interesting
she is described as articulate, strong, persuasive, argumentative and beautiful.
Editor of the school publication, valedictorian and she have her career mapped out before graduation.
She is more like someone many girls would want to look up to, I would.
I must say her love life with Elliot Grey is really sweet and less fucked up than Christian and Anastasia's. 

As for the sex scene, it was pretty inventive, yes
but compared to some hardcore stuff, this is considered tame.
I know people think 50 shades is all about the sex, but what I'm more intrigued about is how the story expands. I also love the witty email exchanges between Christian and Ana, it reflected Christian's fun side.

When I'm reading some books, I tend to dissect the writing techniques, the play of words and stuff like that. Sometimes I got sidetracked and failed to enjoy the story. 
The whole Fifty Shades trilogy is pure entertainment, I enjoy every bit of it. 

Laters Baby,

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