Sunday, 23 September 2012

Nok Thai

I love Thai Food! 

Nok Thai at Damai (next to Huge Cafe) serve some of the best Thai Food in KK. Sadly they don't allow photographs. 

The Pineapple fried rice is great, fragrant with bits of sweet pineapples, prawns and chicken. It's a must have. 

What is Thai food without Tom Yum? Their seafood Tom Yum is awesome, it comes with 2 types, clear and red. The red one is more spicier so we prefer the clear ones which is tangy-sour and slightly spicy. It has prawns, fish, squid, sometimes crabs, mushrooms and tomatoes in it. 

There are over a hundred types of dishes you can chose from, asparagus with prawns, deep fried battered squid and prawns are nice, the tofu salad is rather delicious too. Just order anything from the menu, it would turn out great. 

Most of the time, Nok Thai is filled with people, with their good food and good hospitality, it's no wonder why many customer become regulars, like us. 



  1. I'm just curious why weren't you allow to take photos in the restaurant? I have seen many bloggers taking and sharing their food inntheir blogs!!

    1. I did notice many people have pictures of the food in their blogs too, but during the few times I've been there, I saw a wall sign saying 'Please do not take pictures of our menu.' So I respectfully put away my camera.

      However, one time I saw a guy with a huge-ass DSLR taking loads of photos of the food, with flash somemore, but no one said anything to him.

    2. Haha... I really don't think they have the rights telling ppl can't take pix!

      It's unlikely you'd steal their secrets by taking pix.. it should be the right of customers to take pix of the food & menu we pay for.

    3. Besides, as a blogger, our intention is to share information about where to get good food, but since they did not allow me to take any pictures, it's actually their loss. Most people here still underestimate the how the power of social media can affect their business, both good and bad lah. Anyway, thanks for dropping in :)

  2. Lousy service provided by this Nok Thai Rest, do not recommend anyone to dine there! Food was ok, just ordinary Thai food and limited Thai restaurants available in KK. Food is a lil overpriced for such small portions, but mainly due to the lousy service!

    The chubby fat aunty, whom I believe could be the owner was so rude to customers! It is stated & printed clearly in their menu that "no additional charge for refilling" for chinese tea and plain water. Hence, we requested for refill upon finished ours. This server told us softly as if she was scared others would hear her that if I request refill again, they would charge us. I was shocked as isn't it free refill but I held back, it would be my last anyways.

    I was shocked once again when they charged me additional for my drink despite it should be free refillable! So I asked the server and this rude rude fat aunty came and argued with me! I told her that your server only whispered to me if I requested refill you'd charge. She refused to listen and gave rubbish excuses, I couldn't stand and told her it is stated no charge for refill IN YOUR MENU!! Then she couldn't run away from this and told me rudely that, "okay okay lar!"

    WTF***?! I took the menu & snapped a pix of the refillable words and guess what? Another server approached and told me, "you cannot take pix!" I have my right to take pix. Are they sacred if I'd complain with proof provided so threaten me that no pix is allowed!?

    Other servers are generally okay, except for this chubby aunty and another impolite aunty. But still, I definitely wouldnt recommend such a lousy service restaurant to anyone and pls double check your bill if you happen to dine there!!! They are somehow trying to cheat extra $$$ from customers. A little here and there, it becomes alot! We shouldn't encourage such bad practice in the society.

    1. Hi Charlie, I'm sorry to hear that you get such bad service at Nok Thai. I have dined there for quite a few times and fortunately have not experience any unpleasant treatment. The last time I've been there, the water is refillable with no extra charge.

      However, I do agree that we should check our bill before paying, coz sometimes they will charge you for the tapioca chips even though you refused it.

  3. Thanks for approving & allowing me to share my thoughts with everyone!

    Gosh~ that's bad as they treat everyone differently and yes, agree that we'd check if any tibits are charged.

    Just to add on, my incident had nothing to do with wrongly bill cuz they came with intention to cheat from the beginning. When I pointed out the charge of refillable drink ordered, they immediately said it was because I requested for refill. Disagreement was going on for a while and when I told her it was clearly stated that free refillable in the menu, the owner finally had no choice but responded in a VERY rude way that ok ok lar, I deduct and count you one lar as if I was forcing her and it was my fault.

    It was the terrible attitude and horrible service I got.. if only she'd admit her fault and amend accordingly would be fine. She didn't even apologise and still talked to us rudely! It was a disaster in the restaurant that day..

    To me, food and service both are equally important. For this Nok Thai restaurant, it's definitely a NEVER return option in future. I was been insulted badly and they acted like they made no mistake - just unforgivable! (while I still paid for 10% service)

    1. You're welcome Charlie, thank you for taking the time to leave your opinions on my blog. I have to say the service sector in our country is still below par, it's the attitude of the people, not just the workers, but also the employers themselves.