Sunday, 25 September 2011

Brooklyn, 1 Borneo

Brooklyn, previously known as New York, New York. This is one of the restaurant we've dined in when 1 Borneo first opened. I really love the wide range of choices in their menu and the good food. I couldn't remember the exact name of the dishes, the waitress there were very 'li hai', we only told her the item number while she's taking the order, and later she could repeat all our orders without missing a single word. I don't know how she did it. In this competitive society, even waitressing cannot play-play.

The peach dessert is our all time favorite. Our family does not have the habit of ordering desserts while dining out, but this is an exception. The first time we dine here, there is a bit delay with our food, the staffs apologized to us and has delivered a basket of potato wedges and this heavenly waffle with peach and ice-cream, on the house, we were hooked! There is not a time we didn't order this ever since. If the staff did not introduce this to us that time, we would never in a million years thought to try it. 

Love the black and white graphics on the walls.
Blueberry bling bling

Root beer float

Lime juice

Beef lasagna

Calamari rings

Deep fried mushrooms

Sauce that goes with the mushrooms

Hawaiian burger

Super awesome Alfredo pasta

Something called the breakfast burger or something

The best darn peach waffles in the world!

Cooney Island dog


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