Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Miso Japanese Restaurant 3

Its a new month again, time really does flies, doesn't it. I'm now in my third month of blogging, I must keep this up. I hoped you won't get bored with Japanese Food, cause here is another one again. We were too fond of Japanese and Korean food, I must persuade my family to try other types of food. (Psst, there is at least one more Japanese post in my drafts, I'll try to save if for some other times instead of bombarding this blog solely with Japanese cuisine at a time)

Back to Miso Japanese Restaurant, the food there is too good not to be missed. I think its better to order a few individual dishes and share among family members rather than ordering a huge set which nobody could finish by themselves.

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Grilled oysters, a must order for us

Shake Temaki 

Can I tempt you with some green tea ice-cream?
Gotcha! It's wasabi.
Pregnant smelt
These tiny fish were filled with ripen fish roe inside, they are usually just grilled until nice and crispy you could eat the whole thing from its head to tail.

Looks horrifying here, but its good. 

Salted grill cod
Out of so many different methods of cooking, I prefer my fish rubbed with salt and grilled. I'm not really fond of it coated in sweet sauce. Smooth, luscious flesh with the faint taste of the fish oil and a hint of salt, swoon. Add a squirt of lemon juice, simply but so darn good.
Their Gyoza's are really good, crispy on the outside with generous meat and prawns fillings inside.
Battered deep fried squid
Nicely battered squids, crispy and chewy.
California hand roll

It looks prettier when served, but we ate it half way before remembering to take a photo. I always wanted to try Mentaiko, this is the first time I did. This is a marinated Pollock roe served on a bed of grated radishes and its salty, you're supposed to eat this with rice, but unfortunately this arrives when all the rice is almost gone, so we couldn't possibly finish it, such a waste. I wanted to ta-pau it, but we're afraid it might not retain its freshness.

Ending with complimentary desserts, as usual


  1. aww.... dont tempt me as am hungry now

  2. Yum! What a great collection of seafood and snacks (I always have gyoza).

    Thanks for stopping by and have a lovely week!

    Chic 'n Cheap Living

  3. :) I love Salmon~ Those Salmon look so freshhh!


  4. Small Kucing: I'm hungry too as I'm blogging this.

    Chic n' Cheap: The gyoza is awesome!

    Meitzeu: Oh yes, I believe Miso serves some of the freshest raw fish in town.

  5. I liked your wasabi/green tea ice cream trick. Me and my friend actually did that to a friend of ours. I wish you could have seen his reaction!!

  6. TNT Adventure: Hahaha, too bad no one got fooled by mine. Did your fried really fall for it?