Friday, 9 September 2011

Miso Japanese Restaurant

Discovered a new Japanese place that we liked: Miso, at Karamunsing Capital. We have been going there for 3 times already so the photo's below are taken during all three of our visits. I think I shall split this into 3 separate post to avoid getting too photo-heavy. Ingredients used are very fresh, portions could be huge and pricing is more on the expensive side. I'll let the photo's speak for themselves.

I really like the bottles displayed

Individual rooms when you need a little privacy

Appetizer, something like Kimchi

My favorite <3

Butter Fish Sashimi
 Not many places offered butter fish sashimi, these are thick, juicy and absolutely mouthwatering. Worth every dollar spend.

Salmon Handroll

Avocado Handroll

The ocha that goes with the rice

Ocha Zuka
 Rice with salmon flakes, you must mix in the tea before tucking in. However it is on the bland side, good for times when you feel like something light.
Beef Bento

Beef bento

Dobin Mushi (Tea Pot Soup)
 My favorite Dobin Mushi, a must order whenever a Japanese Restaurant has it. This is a light broth with plentiful of ingredients.
Soup with scallops, crab meat stick, mushrooms, chicken and various ingredients.

Crispy noodles

Cha Soba

Salmon Bento

Miso soup


Gyoza with prawns inside, must order item.

Complimentary green bean dessert

Almost burn my finger on this hot towel, lol.
The service is prompt and considerate to customer needs. I was feeling cold when I stepped in, before I manage to pull out my shawl from my bag, one of the waitress was already turning up the air conditioner. I didn't have much appetite that day due to some stressful events, but overall I am pleased with the food and the excellent service. The Gyoza, Dobin Mushi and Sashimi became a must order whenever we dine at Miso.

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