Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Miso Japanese Restaurant 2

I enjoy going to Miso for dinner, their food are fresh, service quick and efficient. I've been there for at least 3 times since they opened, this is the 2nd time I went. You can read the first post here.
Cold green tea

Hot green tea

Una Jyu RM37.40
 Grilled eel with sweet sauce on top of rice and strips of fried eggs.

Grilled Oysters RM27.50
 Don't judge an oyster by its appearance. This may not look nice but they taste really really good. Fragrant and juicy.
Shake Teriyaki Jyu RM28.60
 Grilled salmon with teriyaki sauce served with rice and onion omelet. The portion is too big and heavy for me to finish.

Miso soup
Shake Teriyaki Course RM66

Salmon sashimi

Fried cabbage and carrots

Teriyaki salmon

Sushi no sashimi course RM63.80

Deep fried prawns

Assorted sushi and sashimi

Cawan Mushi

Uni Sashimi RM49.50
Sea urchin served on a bed of radish strips in a tiny cocktail glass. These sea urchins are small, so-so only.
Complimentary desserts
 Prices above are member price with 10% discount. On anniversary or birthdays, members can get up to 30% discounts.

Miso Japanese Restaurant
F-05 & 06, Karamunsing Capital,
88300 Kota Kinabalu Sabah
Tel: 088-448229


  1. how many people eating? much food

  2. Only 5, we're big eaters. Most of the food are from sets, so they are quite a lot.

  3. This post makes me hungry! And these foods look delicious!
    xoxo, Kaari

  4. Food looking good, but a bit pricey I assumed. Huge slices of raw fishes. No wonder they were pricey.

    GOnna try it someday! I saw it every time I passes by to go to Fook Yuan. :)


  5. ohmy!!! u are making me very hungry!!!

  6. Kaari Mulk: The food is rather good, and fresh too. Thanks for dropping by.

    Meitzeu: Oh yes, their food could be a little pricier than other places but the portion is huge and their sashimi is really fresh. If you're going there, I suggest you share a set with another person, because it is really too much for one person to finish it all :)

    Mochaccinoland: Your Japanese food post made me hungry as well. Now we're even, lol.

  7. Everything looks so good. Really nice photography as well.

  8. Aki: Thank you for the nice comments.