Thursday, 29 December 2011

Birthday Post Part 1

Earlier this month is my birthday, the 1st of December. I didn't manage to post pictures that day as my laptop is still virus-ridden, didn't want it to spread to my camera. So here's a much belated post about it, I'll be splitting this into two post, the morning part and night part.
My birthday egg for breakfast
What is that blue spot on the egg?
 I love eggs of all types, scrambled, hard boiled, omelet, fried, poached... I could eat hard boiled egg just like that or with a little salt or soy sauce.
Secret Recipe
 Went to Secret Recipe, Suria Sabah for lunch.

Bought my cake from Secret Recipe too (Chocolate Indulgence)
Pan fried dory with lobster sauce
 I waited so long for this dish to arrive, when it finally did, I no longer have the appetite. After snapping this picture, I've sent this back to be tapaued (takeaway)

My tapau (takeaway)
A birthday slice. 

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