Wednesday, 28 December 2011


Final Exams are next week, I'm going to be studying hard for it till the big day arrives. Had a busy day at work today, but its good as time flies when you have no time to idle, before you knew it, its time to go home :D

E-commerce, Marketing Management, Global Marketing
 I'm having E-Commerce, Marketing Management and Global Marketing this semester. It doesn't seem to be too hard, I hope I'll do well in it. I chose marketing as my specialization cause I despise finance and is no good in IT. I quite like browsing through my text books, there are many success stories, business strategies, colorful pictures and advertisements. I'm very interested in Entrepreneurship, E-business, Marketing and Research and Development. It would be great if I can get involved in these fields.

Organizer, booklets, pencil case
Before exams, I will make booklets like the above, one booklet per subject. Usually they are 5-6 pages of A4 paper folded in half and stapled together. And then, I would list down the topics that I need to focus on or topics I think will come up and make simple notes inside. Its one of the best ways that work for me, as I can remember better if I copy the information down, sometimes in colorful pens to make it more interesting.  It is said that colors can help trigger memory too. Besides, I can bring these little booklets with me so I can flip through it whenever I have some spare time. And I won't have to lug around huge text books.

Making notes
Summarizing notes, simplifying the words or doing brain maps can help memorizing notes better. These are just some of the ways I study, maybe it might help those who are still studying as well if they are interested to adapt this method.


  1. All the best Lady G!!

    Flying colours in your finals!


    Are you an UMS student? just like Hayden?

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  2. Meitzeu: Thank you so much, fingers crossed. Uhm, I'm not from UMS, I'm taking distant learning with Asia E University:


  3. I also love to do small notes when doing my revision. Easy to refer when need to do fast recap.

    Good luck and gambate. Wish you pass with flying colours.

  4. Thanks Diane, a quick recap is usually much efficient than reading a long page. I'll do my best :)

  5. Good luck, Lady G. I hope everything turns fine for you :)) !

  6. Thanks Molly, all these mental support certainly helps :)