Sunday, 25 December 2011

Christmas Traditions

We didn't really have any so-called Christmas Tradition in my family, other than a small dinner on Christmas Eve and buying/making presents for each other, but there are some things I would find myself do anyway when Christmas is nearing. One of them is rereading my old copies of Prima magazines, especially the Christmas edition, these used to belong to my mum, from 1994-96, almost a decade old and you can see how battered and crumpled they are now from the many times I reread them. I would flip through the pages and look at the colorful pictures before I could even read and asked my parents what the pages are saying. Those are fond childhood memories and every time I read them now, it give me a warm and fuzzy feeling, gone are those carefree, happy days but I'm still able to relive the moments through these old magazines. I would never ever throw them away even when some of them have lost their covers or sport missing pages, they are like some sort of time tunnel. Here are some of the pages that I liked, and some are ads that I love:

Prima December 1994, December 1996 and October 1994
I didn't have many surviving copies, therefore I treasure those that I owned, these two are Christmas Editions I would peruse before Christmas, they may be outdated, but I still enjoy reading them. New ones just don't give the sort of fuzzy happy feelings like these.

Prima December 1994, page 54-55
 I actually tried using these tips to wrap presents once upon a time, but I couldn't be bothered anymore, laziness grow as we ages.

Prima December 1994, page 42-43
Absolutely love the pin curls on the left, so pretty. I love vintage stuff like that, the make up are pretty simple too. On the far right, there's an instructions teaching you how to cut bangs like a pro.

Prima December 1994 page 12-13
Lovely pictures, I wished we could have such perfect family portraits similar to those above. Everyone dressed up nicely and take pictures with the decorated house. This year is dismally bare, no Christmas tree or decorations set up, maybe after we moved. I can't imagine what will happen to the Christmas tree with 9 cats around (oh yes, we just took in #8 and #9, more on them in another post)

Prima December 1996 page 22-23
 The Prima team dressed these girls up in something different from what they're used to and their partners gave their opinions about their dates in the following pages. I love the gold lace shift dress and the long red gown, so pretty.

RSPCA and Scottish SPCA ad Prima December 1994, page 148-149
 Don't buy a Pet for Christmas and abandon them when the novelty ran dry, that is completely irresponsible. When you bring home a pet, you are responsible for him/her, if you don't trust yourself to do so, don't even get a pet the first place. And you shouldn't buy someone a pet as a gift unless they specifically requested one and can be trusted to take good care of them. A gift that the recipient don't like can be set aside or re-gifted, but a pet is much complicated than that. By the way, those tidbits on the next pages never failed to get my mouth watering: Kebabs, Filo parcels, honeyed bacon bread sticks, mozarella and basil toasts and Pastrami vol-au-vents. Yums.

Prima December 1996 page 78=79
Yummy recipes that can be easily created using Chicken Tonight sauces, as usual, I've never seen this product in the shelves of our local supermarkets. But they all look so yummy.

Prima December 1996 page 94-95
 I remember my mom made one of these for me using the patterns attached, I wore it to my Aunty's wedding dinner. It was has pale blue and gold roses on a pale cream background, I didn't like it then, but I do now. Wonder where it went?

Polly Pocket ad Prima December 1996
 I never had a Polly Pocket before, my little sister does, but hers is nothing as fancy as these. Do little girls these days still want Polly Pocket's? Maybe not, they probably prefer NDS or PSP.

Prima December 1996 page 38-39
 I like this article, the writer in this piece- Sarah Edghill went out to discover about prejudice about people who are bigger. First she went out as herself at size 12 where everyone from the cafe owner, clothing shop sales girls, hotel doorman and passersby treated her nicely or barely pay her any attention. Few days later, she went back to the same places, meeting the same people but she was wearing a padded body suit and makeup to look like a size 20 and she was able to see that those people treatment towards her has changed dramatically. Its a good article that lets people reexamine their perception about certain stereotypes. Please don't be mean to people just because of the way they look, its downright mean.

Persil Ad Prima December 1996
 I love this ad, so nice and colorful. Each box of Persil can wash up to 12 loads of laundry, more value for your money.

Prima December 1996 page 66-67
Truly scrumptious looking desserts made from Lyle's Black Treacle. Never had the chance to try any of these before. Can we get Black Treacle in Asia?

Sea Fish Ad Prima December 1996
Doesn't that pizza looks so yummy? My mouth waters every time I see this ad, I want pizza!

Quorn Ad Prima October 1994
Enjoy pasta with a lot less guilt, just use Quorn as it is healthy and contains more dietary fibre. A recipe is included. I love looking at pictures of food, these sort of ads made me stare at the pages longer.

These sort of advertisements has never been seen anymore, so Old Skool but I love them all. There are more advertisements that are unique and different from those we normally seen in recent years, maybe I'll feature them again sometimes.


  1. Small Kucing: Merry Christmas to you too!

  2. These old-school magazines are cool... I'd love to try those scrumptious desserts.
    I used to have a Polly Pocket but I didn't like it much. I liked My Little Ponny better :D

  3. Molly: Yeah, they are pretty cool. I used to have a Little Pony with Rainbow mane :) Those were nice memories.